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Top Gifts For Men In the Year 2013

Learn about the top gifts for men that are quite nifty and handy for this coming year, 2013. Be aware of most current trends in gifts for men for you to never make a mistake on your presents for the upcoming year's occasions.

Top Gifts for Men On 2013

• Entertainment Devices

Technology is getting incrementally advanced and men are keen on the stuff that technology provides, particularly in entertainment. You'll find lots of neat entertainment gadgets all over the Web, making the hunt for the top gifts for men less difficult. Surround Sound Speakers – If your male recipient already has players and game consoles, you might want to give him good surround sound speakers to add to that collection and make the gaming and viewing experience more exciting. Remote Finder – Because many men have lots of remotes from their entertainment devices, they often find it frustrating to always put everything in one place and discover that one or more are missing once they need to use them again. Giving a remote finder, a device that places a remote that has been attached with a receiver, will certainly solve that problem.

• Cooking Ware

Countless men are increasingly becoming fond of cooking. Whether they are cooking for their household, friends or significant other, having a good cooking ware would be wonderful. So for the year 2013, one of the top gifts for men is cooking ware. From electric pizza ovens to barbeque sets, automatic or easy-to-use cooking wares are great gifts for men. Apart from making it easier for men to cook gourmet dishes, providing outdoor cooking ware will also make men's backyard activities more enjoyable.

• Certificates and Vouchers

Men also like to delight in a nice dinner, soothing day at the spa or buy stuff that they enjoy. That's why on the list of top gifts for men this 2013 is vouchers and certificates. Give your male receiver a certificate from a store that he really likes so that he can purchase the stuff that he really likes instead of making the error of giving the incorrect item. Giving a certificate from a good spa or massage salon is also great since you can offer a day of much needed pampering to your recipient.

• Sports Equipment

Sports equipment like baseball bats, golf clubs, bikes and tennis racks are top gifts for men because they not only demonstrate your support to the sport that your recipient loves but you're also encouraging the enthusiasm. Due to the stressful work of people today, you have to give something which will help ease the stress that an individual experiences. Sports is one of the best stress relievers, so sports equipments are becoming one of the top gifts for men this coming year. Tennis Racket and Balls – Tennis racks and balls are great gifts because they are helpful in relieving stress, through simple but fun tennis sessions with family and friends. Golf Accessories – Golf accessories such as tees, clip-on accessory belts and golf club covers are some gifts that are quite useful.

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Educational Board Games For One and All

Board games have been in existence since many centuries ago. However, today they are no longer just entertainment tools to defeat rivals / opponents. They have developed a lot from the most traditional dice boards to educational board games that blend fun and learn.

These can be fun and useful tools both in the classroom and in a playschool setting. Family board games are great for family evening reunion! Some of the 'must haves' that teach and also provide fun are:

Scrabble: This is one of the old favorites, which lets players rearrange their chosen letters to find new words that can connect with letters of already played words. It is indeed an exciting and challenging game where 'every word counts'. This is in fact, the only game where you can actually play with words.

Pictionary: In this game the players convey the meaning of a word without using letters but instead by drawing pictures. Geography Pictionary is one good example in this category.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader: This game has been taken from a popular television show. This game tests your knowledge of trivia based on a 5th grade level. This is also a great option for adults.

History Games: These are exclusively designed for history buffs or for those who are weak in the subject. Some of the popular games in this category are Civil War Game, the Lewis and Clark Adventure Game, Trail Blazer Game, and Professor Noggins Famous Inventions Game etc.

For Preschoolers: Kids in this age group love the Goodnight Moon Game and The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game. These games prepare them for school.

For elementary aged kids: Money Bags and Great States are some of the popular games for this age group.

Preteens and teens: This group love the games Totally Gross and Perplexcity. These are great for kids who become quite restless at this age.

The list is unlimited, the trick is to try new options and learn. For instance, if your child needs specific help in certain subjects, look for games that focus on math, language, spelling, etc. So, the next time your kids start complaining about school work, maybe it's time to take a break and have some fun together. They will still be learning, but will be too busy to notice!

And last but not the least; try online shopping for educational board games, to get the best deal in terms of quality and value for money.

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How to Take a Girl's Virginity – A Guide for Guys

It is not easy to take a girl's virginity. It is a very sensitive issue and a lot of guys can get embarrassed about. You want to take a girl's virginity in a way that makes her feel very comfortable. She is naturally nervous about her first time, but you can give her an unforgetable experience. If you are reading this, you are a boyfriend, or that special boy in her life. Naturally you want to make sure that your partner will feel comfortable when you have sex with her for "her first time." You are a person that is sensitive to her and is a caring person who wants her to remember this first time in a positive light. With good intentions, you will find it very easy to be sensitive to her needs and make her first time something that she will never forget. She'll never forget her first time, so make the most of it.

First, be sure that your girl is someone you really care about. You would not want her first time to be something disappointing for either of you, and if you do not really care about her, she'll feel it and will not be fully comfortable giving her virginity to you. Another thing some guys forget about is making sure that the two of you are both legal age to give consent to having sex. It's not something you want to have on your mind while making love to her, but it should be taken into consideration for both your sakes.

Be sure that you are ready to have sex at any time, do not forget to keep a condom on your person. While many girls like to plan out their first time have sex, it usually ends up happening spontaneously which can be the best way to have a really romantic and intimate moment.

Do not neglect the environment.
Just because the back seat of a car is a popular place for a first time does not mean that it's a good one. You do not want her uncomfortable with not being able to move into the right position or worried about getting caught. You want her somewhere where she can feel safe and comfortable with you.

She'll typically be nervous. This is OK. A little alcohol can do wonders to sooth nerves, however neither of you should be drunk for her first time. That leads to awkward sex.

When you have everything ready for sex, condoms, a comfortable environment where you will not be disturbed, put on some music and set the mood.

Start off with a lot of foreplay, you want her so turned on that being nervous does not cross her mind. You should not even think about penetration until she's dripping wet and dying to have sex with you. Make sure she's lubricated enough and if not, use some lube.

Enter her slowly, the first penetration will hurt, but if you do it slowly and gently, it will not hurt her much. Be sensitive to her, make sure that she knows she can ask you to slow down or stop if it start to hurt, she will not need you to, but she might be worried about having to ask. Tell her beforehand so that she does not have to think about anything but feeling good. Once she's used to the feeling of you inside her, you can start with slow shallow tensions, staying gentle and letting her choose how fast you go. As she starts to feel more comfortable, she'll be asking for it harder, faster, and deeper in no time.

That's about all there is to it. If she's feeling a lot of pain, have her get on top of you so that she can control the exact speed and depth, now she'll find the rhythm that gives her the most pleasure and the least pain.

Follow these tips and you will be remembered as a sensitive and caring man who made her first time something unforgettable.

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Four Diseases You Need to Know About Keep Your Dog Healthy – One is Heartworms

There are four infectious diseases that are common among dogs. Knowing about them and what to look for is something you should do to help keep your dog healthy. The four common infections are: Heartworm, Giardia, Distemper, and Parvo. I am writing a series of articles about these four. But each article will focus on only one of the infections, today's topic – Heartworms.


Heartworms (Dirofilaria immitis) are long white worms that actually grow inside of the heart muscle itself. They are similar to Roundworms and can severely mess up the blood vessels of your dog, which can lead to not only heart issues, but also lung issues. They were first identified in 1856, when they mostly occurred in coastal towns in the United States. Since then, they have spread to every area within the United States.

The carrier of the heartworm is the mosquitoes. Just like they carry the bird flu for humans, they carry these parasitic heartworms for dogs. They are transferred from mosquito to dog through the process of the mosquito sucking blood from its victim. As the mosquito sucks, it also pushes into the bitten area a sort of topical sedative through saliva that lubricates as well as hides the detection of the mosquito feeding. That saliva carries all sorts of goodies, but the most concern one for your dog is the heartworm larvae.

An infected dog with heartworms gets bitten by a mosquito. The heartworms have released their young, the larvae, into the bloodstream of the infected animal. The larvae are then sucked up with the blood the mosquito is feeding upon. Later to be transferred into another dog through the saliva of the mosquito biting the next dog.

The worms can feed slowly off from their victims, and can live inside the heart muscle as many as 5 to 7 years before they kill their victim. The larvae do not live quite as long, but they can exist for up to 2 years as a larvae before they find a home in a victim's heart to become the worm. The time it takes for a larva to settle in a heart, grow to a worm, mate and release more larvae is approximately 6 to 7 months from the time the larvae enter their victim.

Dogs are not the only victims; Heartworms can be found in cats, ferrets, squirrels, bears, and even sea lions. By the time a dog shows almost all the symptoms, the worms could be several hundred in numbers spread through the heart, vessels, and the lungs. These worms can be up to 14 inches in length.

Heartworms kill their victim by eventually becoming so large they block different chambers of the heart and various large blood vessels. This slowly restricts the flow of blood to the rest of the body. When a worm dies, their body flows naturally through the large vessels to the next organ, the lung. When enough die, their bodies can block the blood flow off from the lungs completely. In severe cases of heartworms, they block a large vein called the vena cava. When this vein is blocked, the blood backs up into the liver. The liver then becomes filled with blood, oversized and severely damaged.

Signs Of Heartworms

An infected dog will start to show flu-like symptoms. They have a continued decrease in appetite. They start to lose weight and generally are slow to move and appear tired all the time. Many times you will notice this all start with a cough. In some cased the abdomen will accumulate fluid, making the dog look like they have a pot belly.

If your dog is starting to show some of these symptoms, do not hesitate to take the dog to your vet. The vet will perform some blood tests and take x-rays. Many blood tests are available, but the best one is a Serologic test. This test actually looks for certain antibodies, which are proteins that the body makes to fight off the worms. However, the test is not fool proof, and there have been many reports of the test falsely identifying an infection. Your vet will not more than likely make a call on a single test, and knows what to do.

Preventing Heartworms

The best way to prevent heartworms is a 3-step process which includes: preventive medication / application, performing routine heartworm testing through your vet, and limiting the animal's exposure to the carrier, the mosquito.

Since all you have to do is bringing the animal to your vet for testing, and keeping your dog from mosquitoes is self explanatory, we will focus the prevention section of this article on the different medicines and applications you can purchase to protect your dog. There are several on the market to choose from, and you can purchase them through your vet or through other pet supply stores, even online the Internet.

The first thing to understand is that it is a preventive procedure. That means you are trying to prevent the infection, which would indicate attacking the larvae. The products do just that, attack only the larvae. If your dog has adult worms, these products will not help. The adults have to be killed with special adult killing drugs. These are usually discussed with you by your vet in their discussion of treatment if the vet identifies positively that your dog is infected.

Even though these are considered a preventive, it is really an after treatment. Most all of these products kill the larvae that have been accumulating in your dog or other pet for the last 30 days. They would not kill the larvae introduced to your animal two days from treatment by another mosquito bite. That is why most treatments are ongoing every month.

There are too many products with too many active ingredients to talk about in this article. There are common things and individual things related to each treatment as well. Some are topical that you apply to the skin, most are in the form of a pill. A lot of these will do more than kill Heartworm larvae, such as also control Hookworms, Roundworms, Tapeworms, and Whipworms. While others also control ticks, fleas, mites, other small parasites, and even control certain types of mange.

There is no single product that does it all. You have to get to know your product well enough to know how to properly apply it and what it will and will not do for the dog. If you have problems with getting your dog to take a pill, maybe a topical is the solution. However the pills mostly affect all types of worms, but not the fleas, ticks, and other external parasites. The topicals affect most external parasites, but not the rest of the types of worms. They all affect the Heartworm larvae.

One important thing to note, if you switch from one type of preventive to another, you should let your vet know this. In addition, the vet should be doing an additional Heartworm test when you do switch preventives.

A fully infected dog may or may not survive treatment. In some cases, if taught in time, Heartworm adults can be treated and killed, while you start treating the larvae. In some cases, Heartworms may be removed surgically from the heart and lungs, and if caught in time, follow up with treatment of killing the adult worms and larvae.

There are times, however, that the worms win. In that time, you have to decide what to do. Keep the dog living in its weakened state until early full blockage or heart failure, then death. Or take your dog to the vet to be put down. Neither are a pleasant experience, and either way you will more than likely be heartbroken.

I know that this article has been long, but next to cancer, this is one of the most dreaded dog diseases. Its physical affects on the dog is heart wrenching to watch. And watching your beloved pet die a slow and painful death takes a toll on you as well, both emotional and physically. So I thought it important to make you fully understand this thing called the Heartworm. I am sure you will forgive the length of this article because it is one of the most informative articles I have written. If you have ever experienced a dog going through this, I know you appreciate my efforts here.

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Hand Held GPS – Your Friendly Guide To The World

The world is full of wonderful and spectacular sceneries to visit. With the invention of the hand held GPS, the world has never been this easy to navigate. You can reach destinations without worrying of getting loss; and you can easily find the places you want to go via accurate instructions of the most accessible roads and route to take. Maps are no longer considered a trend and are already obsolese. They are less informative compared to the GPS which you can bring anywhere around the globe. It is like having a constant human tour guide to foreign places since lessens your anxiety and boosts your confidence when you are on tour.

The creation of the GPS is indeed a significant milestone in the field of technology which utilizes orbiting satellites that conveys time and location signals and GPS receivers based on the land, air, or sea. These receivers will then be responsible for calculating the user's present location through data coming from the satellites. It is also very portable, about the size of a cellular phone which makes them easy to bring along anywhere you go wherever you want to walk around the neighborhood or go out of town for a camping.

Another great advantage about this gadget is that they are completely self contained which means that there are no external attachments which could hinder you in more ways than one. But before purchasing your personal hand held GPS you have to be wise enough to consider various aspects so that you will not end up regretting the decision that you yourself made. Since these gadgets come in variety of prices, size and model, you should pick the item which will best suit you and those which allows you to customize them for whatever reasons it may serve you. Hand held GPS is a gadget that is very practical and could add simplicity to this complex life that we are living.

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Buying Art And Crafts Items Online – Tips To Make It A Success

The best thing about art and craft items is that they are unique treasures that can transform your home. Every piece looks to stand out from the rest and since you can create that unique and personalized environment around your home. There are so many items you can choose from including hand woven items like scarves, hats and mittens and rags to pottery items, wood work items to wrought iron and glass items that are masterpieces. Sculptures, paintings, prints and even photography all make art and craft items and they are now easily accessible online.

Online purchases have become modern conveniences but because you will not get to see the items that you buy until they get delivered, you must take precautions to make your online purchasing experience pleasant even when you are getting the art and craft items you find most suitable for your home. A few pointers can help make the process a success for you.

Know what you want. Considering that art and craft items are in a wide range, the best you can do is to decide what you really want for your space. Will paintings do more justice to your home or do you need a few sculptures too for those empty looking spaces on your wall unit? In fact what you should do is to evaluate the amount of space you have available for the items before then evaluating what items would look nice on which spaces. When it comes to these items, remember that a little is a lot. You simply will need a few items to make a transformation in your home as long as you choose the most outstanding ones. Make it clear to yourself what exactly you want so you do not end up losing focus once you get exposed to the huge variety of items.

Go for quality . It all starts with the online store you choose to make your art and craft purchases from. Does it have skilled craftspeople, seasoned woodworkers, pottery studios and mills? These are some of the most important questions you should ask when selecting a store that sells items that are in-house. In case the store gets the items from other suppliers, find out the quality control measures it has in place to make sure that every item that finds its way into the store is vetted for quality. Try as much as possible to find out the quality of the items you are about to buy so they do not end up disappointing you when they fall short of your expectations. Also important to remember is the pricing, payment and shipment options that you have.

Decorate creatively . Because most of the art and craft items are inexpensive, you can make a point of mixing them up when making your purchase. You can for instance get amazing wrought iron sculptures with a few pottery items and paintings in one order. Mixing the items up will give you an easier time making your room pop and you will be more creative doing the decoration.

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Crystal Beads – The Finishing Touch

There are lots of different types of crystal beads to choose from. You want quality design, reliable color and great price. Swarovski beads are fantastic value for money and give you the wow factor you're looking for. You can also use other jewelry making components, including Chinese leaded crystal beads, all of which give you the range of colors and shapes you may be looking for. When you're choosing the beads for your jewelery designs, think about:

  • Color – whether you're using a single color for your design, or a combination, you need beads that work together. Depending on your design, you might want to choose crystals that are exactly the same shade of the color you want, or you might be able to accept some slight variation in color, which often gives jewelery a unique appeal.
  • Designcrystal beads come in a variety of shapes, and you can mix and match these to create a wonderful design. If you want to create a piece using the same shape of beads, you can produce a fantastic effect, and because there's a crystal bead for all of your needs, you'll be able to realize your design without any problems.
  • Price – if you make your living from jewelery design, you need to keep an eye on price. Jewelery has to be competitively priced in order for customers to choose your designs over others, and for that reason, your material costs need to be as low as possible – but the quality needs to be high. Look for suppliers of good quality beads at reasonable prices so that you can keep your margins at a profitable level.

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The How To Guide On Dog Health Grooming

Grooming is an important part of your dog's overall health. Having a groomer take care of your dog is a nice luxury, but if you decide to go it yourself, a few simple tips can help. Read on to learn the tricks of making your dog look beautiful.

Shampooing .

While it may be tempting to use your favorite shampoo, make sure to use dog shampoo. What's the difference anyways? Well, human shampoos are typically to harsh for your dog. When you shampoo your dog, work the shampoo from the head down.

Conditioner .

Yes … conditioner for your dog! Some people think it sounds strange, but it can work wonders. Look for a dog conditioner that is tearless, so if it gets in your dog's eyes, it will not hurt.

Haircutting .

Make sure to use special dog grooming scissors. This is especially important while trimming around the eyes. The last thing you want to do is cause an eye injury.

Hair Drying .

Does your dog run the other way when you turn on your blow dryer? Relax … this is totally normal. Your dog's nerves will calm after a few times.

Nail Trimming .

The first time I trimmed my dog's nails, I was terrified! If you feel the same way, ask your vet for a demonstration on your next visit.

Nail trimmers should be designed especially for dogs. These are created to fit the contours of your canine's nails. If you find your dog's nails are tough, have him stand in bath water for a few minutes to soften.

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Guide For Best Cellular Phone Services

If you want to get the best cellular phone services, it is not too difficult. All you need is a guide to cellular phone service. This guide is very important. Because, it can help us choose the best cellular phone services available.

Because the scale of operations related to the number of customer markets, the best cellular services in one area will be totally different when compared to other areas. You will be able to find the best services in your area, if you can follow some tips below.

Cellular Phone Services Reviews

Reviews can be sourced from your own research, based on online reviews, magazines, and newspapers. Furthermore, information that originates from the people closest to you, your friends and colleagues, by asking them to talk about their experiences both good and bad with cellular phone services out there. Maybe this is the best way to find the best cellular phone services for you.

Comparative Research

You can make a comparison of plans, cost and coverage, etc., by visiting the web site cellular phone services out there. This can be related to how many years you would use a particular cellular service plan, a better deal with more bids because you choose the service with a longer period, and discounts, bonus, or a voucher for free if you sign a long contract.

Cellular Connectivity

This implies how much service and coverage of cellular services, and you should make sure that you choose a cellular phone service provider that will provide seamless connectivity in your city or even country in which you will need to use their services in a way.

Services and Offers

In this case, you must choose the right plan, because your decision will be related to the cost. Make sure you only select a service plan with features that fit your needs.

Another way to get a deal best cellular phone services is to make online purchases, which in this way provides many benefits. However, before you make a deal you are required to conduct online research thoroughly. For that you need to make a list of all registered cellular phone services in your area location. The information needed to be explained, among others, address, zip code, tariff, phone and money saving offers from various mobile service providers.

You should also identify appropriate cellular services' plans that meet the needs of call with an affordable price. This is done to address the changes in the bidding delivered by the most cellular service provider on a weekly or monthly.

You also need to know the advantages and disadvantages of prepaid and postpaid plans. For customers who want fewer minutes per month, prepaid plans are very ideal. Prepaid plans have no monthly rent, no deposits, service fees, and costs of termination of employment contracts. However, the cost of calls and short messaging services from prepaid plans are more expensive than postpaid plans. And usually, for both outgoing and incoming calls also have to pay.

Customer Service

This is intended to measure a snapshot of the customer support team to handle customer requests and complaints. You can ask questions related to their plans and to gain direct experience and feel about the quality of customer service.

Presumably, above tips will enable you to be able to take good decisions and start calling cellular phone services you have chosen the least think is the best in your area. Hopefully, you are lucky!

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Think Outside of Your Box

No one signs his or her life away at closing thinking it will end in foreclosure. Maybe that's why the majority of buyers barely read what they are signing. According to the Freddie Mac / Roper poll of US homeowners Conducted 2005; six in ten homeowners wish they understood the terms and details of their mortgage better. Maybe if they did, they could see the possibilities of preventing the demise of their credit in the event of financial hardship.

When entering any type of loan or binding contract, it always pays to educate yourself on the terms and options. For example, many lenders require a large prepayment penalty for paying off the loan early. Yes, this includes refinancing. This one term alone could end up costing you thousands if not understood. Another example is that many borrowers have the option to waive one mortgage payment per year without penalty. This one term alone could save you thousands if you find yourself in a financial hardship.

If you are already in a dilemma and can not seem to come up with the funds to get yourself out, education could be your ticket. Make it your mission to search out strategies to avoid foreclosure and surround yourself with financial gurus. You can start by dusting off your closing docs. If you do not understand something, consult a trusted source who has successfully guided borrowers through innovative alternatives to foreclosure. And, finally, think outside of your home for resources to pull from. Take a look at your entire financial portfolio before making any decisions. Maybe you could consolidate some assets or cash in on some stock to pay the payments on your home while it is up for sale. Get creative, play with the numbers and most of all, and never stop learning. One valuable piece of knowledge could be worth a whole month's paycheck. As Henry Ford once said, "If money is your hope for independence you will never have it.

Source by Jim Pappas