Christmas Gifts for Men Who Are Tech Lovers

Christmas Gifts for Men Who Are Tech Lovers

Christmas season is fast approaching. Have you thought of what gifts to give to the most important men in your life? If not, this article is going to give you great ideas on Christmas gifts for men.

Majority of men are tech lovers. Guys are always updated on the latest stuff on computers, cell phones, gaming gadgets, cameras, and so on. If your dad, boyfriend, friend, or brother loves high tech gadgets and anything about the newest trend in information technology, you might want to give them cool gadgets and accessories!

Laptop Case

Nowadays, everyone has a laptop. This device isn’t just a fashion accessory; it’s also a necessity. One of the nicest things you can give to your guy friends and relatives is a laptop case. No matter how beautiful and high-end your laptop is it can look terribly ugly and low-class if you will use an ugly casing. Laptop cases vary in colors, designs, and materials. Choose the one that has durable fabric or cover. There are fashionable laptop cases available in stores today.

Portable Speakers

Men love music. If the guy you’re giving a gift this is Christmas is a music lover and has an iPod or MP3, why not give him portable speakers? There are a wide variety of brands for portable speakers. These cool gadgets are ideal for travelers, students, and professional men who can’t live without listening to their favorite songs. Portable speakers also range in prices. There are cheaper ones if you are on a tight budget. Look for speakers that come with rechargeable batteries so there’s a non-stop music trip everywhere he goes.

Floor Standing Tripod

Floor standing tripods are great Christmas gift for men who are fanatic of photography. Men who want to become professional photographer make use of high-end cameras. If he loves taking pictures, the best gift you can give to this man is a floor standing camera tripod. It can work not just for the bulky DSLR but also for standard digital cameras. Make sure to identify the camera he uses so you can choose the right tripod that would fit his gadget.

Video Game CDs

Most men are game fanatics. Why not give him the newest version of the video game he loves to play? You can also give him some collection items for his favorite games.

There are a lot of Christmas gifts for men. In anything you buy, always consider what would make him happy.

Source by Mark B Joseph

Pros and Cons of Morning After Pills

The use of morning after pill has both advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Here are a few pros and cons you need to be aware of:


1. It can be your last resort to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

2. If you are 17 years of age or over, you do not need a prescription to buy morning after pills. You can have it soon after having an unprotected sex.

3. By consuming these pills, you can avoid unnecessary stress and tension about an unwanted pregnancy.

4. Even if the pills fail to prevent pregnancy, they will not cause any harm to the baby.

5. These pills will not affect your chances of getting pregnant in the future. Your fertility remains the same and returns with your next period.

6. Studies have shown that morning after pills effectively lower the risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer.


1. They can cause certain side effects. Some common morning after pills side effects are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headache, irregular bleeding and breast tenderness.

2. Morning after pills can also cause some serious side effects such as liver disorders, gallbladder disease, high blood pressure and blood clots in the heart, intestines and lungs.

3. They can cause serious health complications in women suffering from diabetes, heart diseases and migraine.

4. They can also have adverse effects in women, who are over 35 years of age and have cardiovascular disorders, deep vein thrombosis, liver problems and breast cancer.

5. The use of morning after pill raises the risk of an ectopic pregnancy. In such a pregnancy, the embryo gets lodged in the fallopian tubes rather than the womb. If you are using morning after pills, the pregnancy can remain undetected. This is because the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are similar to the side effects of the pills: nausea and abdominal pain. If remain undetected for a long time, it can prove to be fatal.

6. Other than these side effects, the body may have an allergic reaction to the drug, causing an outbreak of rash and breathing problems.

7. Apart from physical side effects to the body, the emergency contraceptive pills can also have a wider social impact. The easy over-the-counter access to the emergency contraceptive raises questions about its misuse. Many people are of the view that it may lead to an increase in promiscuity, Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and increased sexual violence against women.

Although the use of morning after pill becomes essential to avoid pregnancy after an unprotected sex, its usage must be avoided on a regular basis.

Source by Asaf Reich

Making an Iron Man Helmet

There are tons of ways to make your own custom Iron Man helmet, depending on your resources including both time and money.

You can make one for display purposes or for use on Halloween or for Cosplay. The materials you choose and the time you spend will determine the overall quality of the helmet.

Electronics can be added to any home made unit, depending on your skill level. Opening and closing face plates should be part of the design prior to construction so you do not have to cut it out later. Lighting and sounds can be added similarly.

Before beginning, you can also purchase an Iron Man helmet if you're not into creative. Models range from movie accurate to plastic masks mean for young children. Some actually light up or make sounds, depending on what you want to spend.

Let's assume you're into making one of these yourself- here are the three most popular methods of constructing your own helmet.

1. Papier Mache

A little glue, a little flour and some water will help you to make a rudimentary paste which can be layered onto a frame in strips of newspaper or magazine. It's best to start with a picture of what you'd like your helmet to look like. This is a great time to add any customizations that Tony Stark left out.

Making a frame for the papier mache to cling to is easy- you can use just about anything to keep the shape until the mixture dries. In a pinch, a baseball cap covered with a piece of aluminum foil will serve as an excellent way of constructing your helmet. The cap keeps the head shape while the foil allows for a semi rigid base to work on.

Make your base, apply your papier mache and allow to dry. Once it's dry you'll be able to see any areas which are not smooth. Gently sand with 800 grit sandwich to knock down any points which stick up- trim jagged pieces of papier mache with fingernail clippers. If there are divots, then fill them with a little more papier mache and allow to dry.

Once dry again, use a fine sandpaper (1000 grit works well) to smooth all the contours of the helmet. When you're satisfied that the helmet looks good, simply paint in your preferred colors. For a really clean look, use blue or green painter's tape to mask your lines off and top it all with a coat of clear spray paint.

2. Foam / Vinyl

Following the same procedure as above, we will use a frame to hold our design firm. In this case, it's best to use a mannequin head with a sheet of plastic wrap or tin foil on top- easily located online or in a local craft shop, the foam head will hold your design steady as you work.

First, you'll need a hot glue gun and foam vinyl sheets in the colors of your choice. Place an old t shirt over the foam head or other base and use a marker to mark the middle of the rear of the Iron Man helmet. Make a similar mark on each side of the head as well. The front will be left alone because the faceplate will be cut out here.

The cuts will serve as a template to lay down the main color of the helmet in foam, leaving a slit in the middle and sides to allow the material to be shaped. Simply place the template you made over the foam, trace and cut.

Remember to leave plenty of overlap because we'll be trimming things up later on to make it look extra awesome.

Using the hot glue gun, glue the cut out foam to the plastic or tin foil covering on the foam mannequin head. Make sure the edges touch in the back, but do not trim off any excess yet. Do the same with the sides. If you need to (and you likely will), make additional small cuts to help with fitment.

Once the glue is dry and cool, do a test fit and use a marker to mark the approximate area where the eye slits will be cut. If everything fits well, remove and trim all the stray edges, gluing everything down perfectly.

From here there are two options- you can either cut eye slits and use the other foam color to make the mask, then glue on top. Then you're done- go enjoy your new creation!

Or, and this is the recommended way for the cool factor alone, you can cut out the original color area in the shape of the faceplate, then use two small round velcro tabs to attach the faceplate to the helmet so you can remove it when you want to. Then you're done- go enjoy your new creation!

3. 3D Printing

This is where the rubber meets the road- or, more likely, the plastic. 3D Printing, officially known as Additive Manufacturing, allows complex shapes to be made via the addition of small layers of plastic or another material such as metal.

People have printed Iron Man helmets for years now and you can even purchase them in part or full on many sites such as eBay. If you're into 3D printing, you can purchase the plans and have a local printer to make them up for you.

This can also be done with a home 3D printer, although it will be in many smaller pieces which must then be joined later on. However you do it, Additive Manufacturing will have the option that is most accurate. It's also the most expensive, so it pays to really do some research and decide if 3D printing an Iron Man helmet is for you.

So, there we have it- a pretty solid blueprint to build an Iron Man helmet Tony Stark would be proud of. There are options from rags to riches, so choose the one which is best for you. If you do not feel like a DIY project, there are plenty of sellers who will offer replicas in every size from keychain to fully wearable.

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The Three Dog Training Mistakes You Should Avoid

When it comes to dog training, there are may different ways to go about doing it. Most techniques used today however, are based upon the idea that positive reinforcement is most likely going to give you the best results. Almost every truly successful dog training system is developed out of positive reinforcement thinking.

No matter which specific training program you as a dog owner choose to use, there are three common mistakes that should be avoided. Some dog owners, without realizing it, are liable to make three serious errors which if avoided will make dog training a far more enjoyable and effective experience.

The three most common mistakes are:

Being Inconstant With Training

Dogs thrive on predictability. A dog is likely to respond best to a system in which regular actions produce regular results. For example; if your dog succeeds in performing a certain action that the you the owner is pleased with and you rewards her, after a few times of this the dog will come to expect a reward for performing the same act. This is how the dog learns. If you start to reward sometimes and not other times for the same act before the dog has a chance to learn the act then the dog becomes confused and you wont get the results you are looking for from your dog.

One of the keys to successful training is to remain consistent each and every time.

Do not become impatient

Training your dog can be frustrating at times. Tasks we believe our dogs should be able to learn easily and quickly often end up taking more time to master then we thought or sometimes it looks like they just "do not get it" at all. Dog training is an extended process that can require a great deal of patience from the trainer.

Being impatient often results in the trainer becoming unpredictable in how they handle the dog and what they are asking from them. They may hastily stop a training session or worse, forget to use positive reinforcement that their dog has come to expect in hopes of finding a shortcut to the desired result.

The other key to successful training is you're going to have a patient outlook through out the entire process of dog training.

Not Treating Your Dog as a Training Partner

Dog training needs two participants; the dog and you the owner. To often, some dog owners tend to look at the process as being just about them. They worry over their strategies and training techniques without taking their training partner, the dog, into consideration.

Dog training should be fun. In fact, it should be like a play session. When the dog is looked upon as a subject for experimenting with, you lose that all important dog / owner bond that has built up between you. Training then becomes a real chore rather than a joint activity that neither of you is getting any enjoyment out of.

Dogs get very attuned to their owners attitude quite quickly and are less likely to learn if they're treated like a subject instead of a valued companion. If you fail to see your dogs unique personality during training you will be unable to pick up on minority clues that could improve your training techniques and then give you quicker results.

By avoiding these three common mistakes when dog training, you're more likely to be able to create a training strategy that produces great results. In addition to this, the training experience will be more enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Source by Jane Kraynyk

20+ Helpful Tech Gadgets Tips – The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

20+ Helpful Tech Gadgets Tips – The Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide

It is no secret that technology has its flaws. When you buy cool tech gadgets they are not guaranteed to be 100% perfect. But sometimes the problem can be misuse of the product due to the buyer not reading the instructions carefully. Hi tech gadgets can present all sorts of problems from having a small glitch to having absolutely no power at all. I'm sure you like everyone else has bought Cool new tech gadgets only to get home to find something wrong with them, not a nice feeling. Here is a check list you should follow after buying tech gadgets:

1) Always read the user manual, this will often show you something you've done wrong. Never assume you know everything about it.

2) Check and double check that everything that is supposedly to be in the box is actually in the box. People throw away cables or small things because they do not look thoroughly through the packaging.

3) Be sure you check that all the appropriate accessories have been supplied, these can sometimes be excluded in the factory.

4) If you have bought a device from a foreign country you will need to check the voltage as this may vary. Failure do so could cause a shortage in your house and the destruction of your new high tech gadget.

5) Always check to see if the LED indicator is active, this lets you know that your new tech gadgets are receiving power.

6) Double check the battery is inserted properly; it should fit in nicely and not be loose. Most batteries will have an indicator on them as to which way they should fit.

7) Check the manual to see if all your cables are connected in the correct way.

8) Ensure that your cable is not the problem. You can check a cable by using it in another device that is similar.

9) Make sure that the side of a SIM card with the chip showing is face down in the device and connected.

10) Turning a device on and off can sometimes create a power surge that gives a new device the necessary power it needs on an initial boot up. This is the reason most Microsoft engineers will ask someone to do this first.

11) It is important to calibrate touch screen devices so that the device can adjust to your unique style of handling it.

13) When connecting to a PC make sure your device is connectable with your operating system whether it's 32-bit or 64-bit. A 64-bit system is faster than a 32-bit system.

14) When using an SD card or a GSM card make sure it is compatible with your device. Otherwise it simply will not work.

15) When you put media files on a GPS navigator or car DVD players it can confuse the device and it will not know what information to read.

16) Always get reviews from Google on apps or files types you have not tried before to see if there are any issues with them.

17) Always check that your device supports the file format you are trying to use. AVI and DIVX different at times as AVI is a container and DIVX is a codec.

18) Only perform a factory reset a last resort because you will lose all data and setting previously stored.

19) Do not flash your firmware unless you're ready for the full responsibility of repairing it. Most ecommerce stores and electronics retailers treat this as a warranty voiding issue because it is most frequently done incorrectly.

20) Anything extra that you sue on a device uses more power. So, if you're having a problem with short battery life, it's a good idea to turn off things like wifi, Bluetooth and screen luminosity.

21) Sellers keep batteries in remotes fresh by changing them or by using a high quality brand.

22) Is your device performing slower, or more choppily than it did the previous day? Perhaps you have not given it enough time to 'boot up'. Always give a device some time to start up. This is because if there are many programs they might take a few moments to boot. There you have it, you now have enough information to be your friends' and family's' go to guy 'for tech gadgets problems.

Source by Rose Li

Flying Remote Control Planes (Part III)

Flying Remote Control Planes (Part III)

Welcome back to part 3 of this series. Part 1 covered location and pre-flight check lists. Part 2 covered Resources to help you. This article will focus on the next step of learning to fly.

You have an established location and your plane and controls have checked out, and hopefully you have developed a relationship with an individual that can be your coach and keep you from crashing. So what is next? Your instructor may override what I am about to present but encourage them to allow you this experience as it is vital to proceeding to the next step.

Touch-and-Go Landings : Flying a remote controlled plane is very much like flying a real aircraft. The basic concepts apply. One of the first things (after flight school which you have not benefited from) is to practice Touch-and-Go Landing. This involves a maneuver that is common when learning to fly. It involves landing on a runway and taking off again without coming to a full stop. This is important because it gives you the confidence as well as experience to be sure that you are proficient with your air craft as well as proving out all the controls.

This process involves powering down the runway and slowly lifting off the ground. Remember that you must use the trim controls to ensure you plane is not drifting. Correct any issues here first by adjusting your trim or actual linkage. Also remember that if you are at full power (which is not needed for take-off) you may overpower the ability to land softly.

There is another technique known as Stop-and-Go where you lift off, then land and stop your plane. I recommend this approach in the beginning. You will move on to the Touch-and-Go next depending on the length of your runway. Power your plane down the runway and gently bring yourself to a flight mode no more than 4 feet off the ground. Power back on the throttle and gently adjust your aileron and rudder to put yourself in a landing position. Remember that flying the plane is the easy part, the hardest part is landing. This will give you experience that you will need when you come in for a real landing. You need to know the control sensitivity and this exercise will allow you to obtain this touch and relate your plane and controller together. There are always 2 devices that you have to balance. Do not over drive the servos of your plane … Gentle adjustments are the best way to become familiar with your controller and the response of the plane. Hard over adjustments of the controls are the best way to crash. Ensure you have a runway long enough to allow you some margin. If you do not, then you will most likely have to react to a difficult landing. You would be better off in this situation to climb and come back in for another chance.

Back to Touch-and-Go … Some resources that you may use may suggest that this is a step that is not needed; Instructors who favor the use of Touch-and-Go and Touch-and-stop offer the possibility for you to practice more landings per session. Remember, you can do whatever you want in the air but if you can not land without damaging your plane then you will end up buying a new plane. (Hopefully from Us)

Part IV in the series will focus on Flight (keep it simple).

Good luck (skill) to you and expect more to follow on this subject.

Source by O. Carl Peterson

How to Buy From a Kids Store Online

How to Buy From a Kids Store Online

When it comes to buying from a kids store online, there are some things you'll need to take into consideration before getting started. Below you will discover more information about the type of budget you should have, what you'll need to look for once you find an online location, and getting what you need quickly, and then moving on. With this information you'll be able to make a purchase from any online kids store, find exactly what you're looking for, and get away before you extremely break the bank.

What Kind of a Budget Do You Have?

It's important to understand the type of budget you have before you even go shopping. Your budget will typically determine exactly what it is you can purchase. If you have a list of products, then it'll be important to price those products as you move along. Once you've priced those products you can then equate those prices towards the types of kids items you plan to purchase. By having a budget in place, you'll be able to effectively make choices as to exactly what you're looking for.

What to Look For

When it comes to a kids store online, you'll discover that there are a number of items that will be available. It'll be important for you to sit down and make a list of all the different items you plan to purchase. If you are not sure about the items you plan to purchase, you'll want to try to do as much research as you possibly can in order to have some kind of a list you can base your buying strategy on. This will be important for a couple of reasons. The first reason is to keep you on track. The second reason is to make sure you do not go over budget.

Get What You Need and Move On

The next item that will be important when it comes to a kids store online will be to get exactly what you need so you can move on quickly. When you spend too much time at any particular location, this can end up being a bad situation when it comes to your budget. As you begin to see more and more items, you begin to compare prices, sizes, quality, manufacture, and so on. This will end up becoming confusing, and you will end up buying some of the items you need for all the wrong reasons. This is why it'll be important for you to create a strategy that includes your budget, what to look for, and making a purchase so you can quickly move on.

With the information provided here, you now have a better understanding of how to buy from a kids store online. You also understand more about why it's important to have a budget, what you'll need to look for, and getting exactly what you need and moving on. With this information you'll be able to effectively create a buying strategy that will allow you to make purchases at any online kids store with confidence and purpose.

Source by Jan S. Swami

An Insight Into Some of the High Tech Gadgets

Tech gadgets have become a rage in today's world and science has been making such rapid strides that new gadgets are being invented daily. There are so many gadgets available in the market today that you really get confused about what to choose. Let us take a peep into the latest gadgets that have come into the market.

One of the most modernventions is the Portable Freezer. This is a battery operated device and works with the aid of LED lights which are fixed on the top most part of the device which supplies the necessary lighting and helps to cool the device. It is one of the newestventions and looks really trendy.

Another new gadget that has come out is the dog umbrella leash. This is a completely new device which has been launched specifically for pet dogs to be protected from the rain while going for walks during the rainy season. You just need to fix this attachment onto your dog's collar which is made of transparent PVC. It is quite reasonably priced and really a worth while investment for your pet.

The cigarette lighter camera is another new high tech gadget that has come out today. This is specifically meant for detectives and police inspectors who can make use of this gadget to click photos of crimes without even letting other people know that you are clicking away. This is because people will think that it is just a cigarette lighter and never guess that this is a camera.

External USB drives have also become more high tech, savvy and trendy these days. They have become very speedy, more compact and have greater storage capacities.

These are just some of the high tech gadgets that are in vogue today. There are numerous other devices that are available in the market for you to choose according to your needs. Just clicking online will get you informed of all the latest gadgets that have been launched.

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The Way to Use Templates in Quilting

With the recent increased involvement in quilting and other crafts, makers are forever searching for new products to make quilting easier for active modern crafters. One of the innovations that has become essential is quilting templates. Usually comprised of sturdy clear acrylic, and designed to be used over and once again, molds make marking and cutting pieces for a quilt block a breeze.

Templates generally have seam line and other markings on them for the convenience of quilters. The best templates are laser cut to make certain exact precision for measurement. With quilting templates, a rotary cutter, and a mat, you can cut the pieces for numerous blocks at one time. Before templates and the use of rotary cutters, a quilter used paper patterns and cut block pieces with scissors, in comparable way that dressmakers cut patterns. For quilters who are sometimes cutting small pieces for blocks, cutting in this manner meant precision in measuring was very hard. In quilting, accuracy is critical. One of the frustrations of quilting was ensuring the pieces of the quilt block fit together, and with the datarchaic style of cutting, it was a constant problem. But with templates all such worries are a matter of the past.

Quilting templates are available in every size and shape imaginable. Every geometric shape is represented, and you can obtain a set of basic templates for squares and circles and rectangles so you always have them on hand. You can also buy sets of templates for a certain quilt block. For instance, if your daughter is getting married and you want to make her a Double Wedding day Ring quilt, you can get a set of templates for that pattern. Or depending your best friend is having her first baby, a son. You like to make a quilt for him, and so you select a set of templates for a square that appears like an airplane. The options are really almost infinite.

Beginning quilters will want to stay with simple shapes like rectangles, squares and circles. The process is simple-lay your neatly ironed fabric on the rotary mat, put the acrylic template atop it, hold it tightly and use the rotary cutter to trim about the edges. Once you get the hang of it, you can trim several layers of fabric at once. Using templates, you can spend sixty minutes or two cutting pieces for quilt blocks, and get through the actual sewing and quilting so much more speedily.

Quilters may in addition want to spend some time to browse the world wide web or go to the library or local bookstore for books. Many quilting sites and books contain useful details about using templates, with hints and systems listed that will make the process even easier. The quilting sites contain are regularly also laden with photos showing the application of templates in a pace-by-step manner, which can be very useful. Although the process of using templates is simple, there are always trade secrets that can make it even easier.

Investigate the employment of templates in quilting right now, and you'll discover renewed pleasure in your craft.

Source by Leo R Reynolds