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iPad – A Wonderful Gadget For All Businessmen

iPad is another revolutionary innovation manufactured by Apple Inc. having the same functionality of both iPhone and iPod touch. The 9.7-inch large screen offers multi touch display with blue tooth, dock connectivity and many other features. In short, with the updated version of this tablet PC, a user can enjoy all the attributes of iPhone, iPod touch and a laptop in a same gadget. This wonderful product is ideal for both personal and business purpose. If you are into Software enterprise then the iPAD can be of great help to run your business. Its enumerable numbers of applications are very useful for every businessman who wants to keep in touch with their workplace or clients at every moment.

The user can avail the facilities of internet access and emailing in iPad. It also enables the user to type messages with their easy to use integrated keyboard. A businessman can even organize his work schedule and other important appointments with the help of iPad's calendar application. The largest addition to this user-friendly mobile tablet computer is iWork. It has incorporated several advanced software which support its various applications like a word processor, a spreadsheet program, in built templates etc. The wonderful custom made templates and highly developed writing tools of the device allows you to create a great business presentation when you are traveling.

And after that the user can easily demonstrate the presentation to his prospective clients by attaching a projector to the wonderful device. It can import or export files that are compatible with Microsoft word, PowerPoint and Excel just like a computer.This amazing product not only enhances the user to be more active in its business but also increases the business connectivity up to a great extent. It is very light weight and hence can be transported to everywhere.

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Treats for Your Pet Pigeon

People spoil their pet cats and dog with fears, so why not spoil your pet pigeon too? Well, you may be asking yourself, "What kind of fears do pigeons eat?" The number one thing you can do to find this out is to experiment and see what your pigeon likes. But I'll get you started on the right track with a few basic suggestions.

Bread makes a good snack for both people and pigeons alike! However, young pigeons may need you to wet the bread before they eat it. Give this treat to your pigeons in moderation since it is not the most nutritious thing for them.

People have mixed feelings on tuna. Some can not get enough and others stay away from it. Your pet pigeon is the same way. Try giving tuna as a treat to your pigeon sometimes and see how they like it.

Healthy Cereals
Cereals like Cheerios or Chex may be tasty for your pet pigeon. If you think the pieces are too big then crush it up for them. Once again, you may want to wet the cereal for the young pigeons. Obviously, stay away from sugary cereals.

A boiled egg
While it may seem odd to feed an egg-laying creature an egg, go for it. Pet pigeons love a good boiled egg. Do not be wasteful though – feed them the eggshell too. The shell contains calcium which is good for your pigeons, especially the females. Warning: avoid feeding them raw eggs. They may start eating the eggs they lay if you do. That is a recipe for some very unhappy momma pigeons.

Nuts and seeds
If you know much about pet pigeon care , you are already giving them a balanced feed. Try feeding them nuts and seeds that are not in their regular seed mix. They will appreciate the change. Crush up the nuts that are too big for them to eat whole. Pigeons love raw peanuts, but you should experiment with other nuts too. Make sure to only feed the raw, unsalted nuts and seeds. If you can not find any unsalted, just wash them off in the sink.

Especially sunflower or safflower seeds
Your pigeon will have not lived until it tries sunflower seeds. My pigeons scarf them down as fast as they possibly can and then want more. They just can not get enough. Make sure the seeds are unsalted, salted ones may hurt your pigeon. Look in the bulk foods section of the grocery store to find unsalted sunflower seeds.

Pigeons love to eat vegetables such as kale, lettuce, peas, spinach, and sprouts. Experiment some to find exactly which ones your pet pigeon like. However, it is safer not to feed them any potatoes, some parts of a potato can be poisonous to birds.

Cut some grapes in half and they will make for an all-time favorite pigeon treat. Almost any fruit will work though. This is another time when experimentation is a must.

Do not give up!
Some birds can be picky, so if you do not find what they like right away do not be discouraged. Just keep trying different pigeon tricks until you find the right one.

Source by Zach Varnell

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What Does Personal Achievement Mean to You?

There is something special about setting out on a personal journey to achieve something, going through all the ups and downs of any personal change and finally reaching the goal you or someone else set for you.

More than achievement for your team or your community there is a great sense of fulfillment about reaching a goal.

What does personal achievement mean to you?

1. Satisfaction

When you decide to do something, especially if it is something you've never done previously then you can feel a personal; sense of satisfaction when you achieve what you wanted to do. It might be something as simple as tidying some clutter or clearing out some old clothes no longer needed, or as complicated as planning a journey around the world.

2. Fulfilment

Similar to satisfaction but also this means that you can feel that you've completed part of an ongoing sense of change or a process. For example if you are discovering how to use a new camera you can feel a sense of fulfillment when you have taken a set of photographs and viewed them on your computer.

You know you have a lot more to learn but are fulfilling at completing the initial part of the process.

3. Completing a journey of change

Change may take a moment or go on for a long time, but when you have planned to do something over months or years then when you finally reach the destination there is a sense of great achievement. This could be something such as completing a university course or preparing for retirement and what you will do when you stop working. I can identify with both of these scenarios.

4. Overcoming objections

When you start to talk about changes you want of goals you hope to achieve it is a common experience that some people will tell you that it is impossible or you will not be able to do that thing. Yet when you are determined to do something and continue in spite of objections there is a wonderful sense of completion when you finally do it.

5. Reward

There might be a valuable prize when you reach the goal, yet the actual value is not necessarily vital. For example a certificate to show you passed an exam is only a piece of paper yet the value of that reward is wonderful and gives a great sense of personal achievement. Something which shows you and others what you've been through on your journey of change can enhance you own sense of its value.

Source by Susan Kersley

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The iPhone 4 – New Features, New Design, Brand New All in One Gadget

The new iPhone is finally here. More technology packed then ever before, it sets new benchmarks for other mobile phones manufacturers that have been overwhelmed by the success of Apple's iPhone.

But I guess you're more interested in the features of then new phone rather than the impact it has on the business world so let me share with you the novelties it brings along.


The new iPhone is thinner, sleeker and better looking then its predecessors. The stainless steel looks good and refined giving it a more futuristic look. The metal buttons add to the overall feel of sturdiness without dramatically increasing the weight. It is heavier then the iPhone 3GS by only 0.1 ounces and it feels great in the hand.


But the most obvious improvement is by far the new screen. The "Retina" is a 3.5 inch display which looks absolutely superb, mainly because its pixels are only 78 micrometers wide. It has four times more pixels then the previous version and it is by far the best display I have ever seen on a handheld device. The zoom is flawless and not a single bit of detail is lost in the process.

The "camera system" (as Steve Jobs called it) is comprised of a 5MP capturing device on the back and a VGA one on the front. The image can be shifted between cameras at any time during a video call. Apple calls this "Face Time" and although it has been praised by company officials it is pretty hard to believe it will revolutionize mobile communications or set a trend for other manufacturers to follow. It is undetected a clever feature but it is overshadowed by other technological marvels such as the flawless screen.


iMovie is an app that allows complex video editing like nothing I have seen before on a mobile phone. You can trim out a section of a movie, add a musical soundtrack to any clip, insert pictures in movies and many more. It costs $ 4.99 in the Apple applications store but it is really worth the money.


The iPhone 4 is a great device with major improvements from the previous versions. Technology packed but also a looker it will unduly become a favorite among geeks and fashion savvy teens alike. A true all in one that certainly describes your attention.

Source by Demetrios Alexandros

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Sample Cover Letter For High School Students

Many teenagers who pass high school look for part time or full time jobs for earning pocket money. A job can be an experience building stepping stone if you already know what type of career you would like to make in future. Nowadays there is huge number of jobs available for high school student. You just need to prepare an effective cover letter if you want to secure a decent job.

In this article I would like to provide a sample of a high school cover letter which would help high school students, particularly juniors and seniors who want to enter the work.

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State, Zip Code
Your Phone #
Your Email


Employer Name
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr. / Ms. Last Name,

I am responding to the employment opportunity listed on your website. Please accept this letter and accompaniment resume as evidence of my interest in applying for this job. I feel my qualifications and my skills would prove to be an asset for your organization.

I have recently passed high school from a well known school. Now, I am looking for an honored job that will add experience to my building career. Here are some of my key strengths that I would bring to the position. I am:

1. A self-starter.
2. Disciplined.
3. An excellent communicator.
4. Very willing and eager to learn new things.
5. Exceptional at customer service.
6. Great team worker.

Accepting challenges is the foundation of my life experiences and something I do with confidence. You will find me a wholly committed individual with pride in being direct, spontaneous and communicative. I can maintain records, perform numerical calculations with accuracy and I need little direction to complete assigned tasks. These are the qualities that make an excellent candidate for this post.

I was responsible for handling and organizing various important activities in my school. I have even participated in numerous cultural activities. I have working knowledge of MS Word, PowerPoint, MS Excel and Internet.

I would appreciate your consideration of my credentials. If you do think there is a shared interest, I would greet the chance to meet with you to hear more about your company, the requirements of the position, and how my skills would be a good fit.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Your Signature

Your Typed Name

I hope my article will help you in preparing a high-quality and eye-catching high school student cover letter.

Source by Amanda K Eaddy

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Husky Puppy Feeding and Diet

The First Husky Puppy Meal

The first time you bring your husky home, you will need to give him or her some food. What is the best kind of food to give a husky puppy? What does your husky require nutritionally? Will your husky enjoy the food?

It is a very good idea to involve a vet, breeder or experienced husky trainer when selecting food for a puppy. As a general rule make sure that the food you use is healthy as well as tasty. It is a good to have a nutrition plan for your husky puppy before you bring them home. If you make a last minute decision on what you will feed your husky you'll most likely go for an unhealthy option. Have a plan while remaining flexible with what you feed your husky puppy as they grow.

Dry, Soft, Moist and Canned Pet Food

Dry food is popular with husky owners. The good brands taste great and provide good nutrition for your husky puppy. The added bonus is that dry food health to keep your huskies teeth and gums clean. Dry food can cause your husky to be dehydrated so make sure you always give your husky a bowl of water to go along with dry food.

Soft and moist food provides huskies with a good variation from dry food. You will also get different nutrients from dry food. Canned food has the highest fluid content. They normally contain a lot less nutrients to dry food. If you are feeding your husky canned food, which I do not recommend, you will need to feed them more than usual to make up for the lack of nutrients.

What to look for when buying food for your Husky?

It is important to analyze the nutritional value of any pet food that you get for your husky puppy. Take note of the vitamins and base materials used for the pet food. You need to make sure that your husky is getting a good balance of healthy fat, lean protein and energy giving carbohydrates. The most expensive pet food is not always the most nutritionally beneficial food for your husky puppy.

If your puppy becomes fussy and will only eat a specific type of dog food, this can be because of a change in diet. When trying something different you need to give your husky puppy time to adjust. If your husky refuses to eat a certain type of food after a couple of days, try a different food.

It is not good practice to feed your husky too many extra snacks. You may use tricks for obedience training but do not feed your husky scraps from the dinner table before you feed them. This will kill your husky's appetite and make it hard to keep your husky to a regular feeding routine.

Source by Kurt Tully

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Pros and Cons of Zoos

There are many opinions on animals in captivity. Many people think that keeping animals in captivity is abusive and that we should not use these animals for our entertainment. This is true, animals should not be held in these cages. Other people think we are saving these animals because they are rehabilitating these animals and if they were in the wild they would die. Both of these opinions are true. With zoos there is no black and white, it is gray.

Many animal activists believe that the cons outweigh the pros when it comes to zoos. Doris Lin speaks on the point of animal rights activists when saying a con about zoos is "we do not have a right to breed, capture and define other animals, even if they are endangered. have fewer rights. " This is quite true, God did not intend for animals to be put in cages. Some animals are bred in captivity and only know life caged and never have seen the wild. These animals that are held in captivity have high stress levels and suffer from boredom and confinement.

Breeding animals in captivity leads to a huge surplus of animals and this can lead to animals being sold to other zoos, circuses, and can even be slaughtered. Most programs that breed animals do not release the animals back into the wild, they are left in the zoo system. On the topic of whales being in captivity Naomi Rose speaks against it. Orcas in the wild have a longer life expectancy than those in captivity. Orcas that live in the wild have a life expectation for females live up to 80-90 years and males 60-70 years. For orcas in captivity both male and females live up to their early 20s and maybe even late teens. Sea World has lost 26 orcas in the past 29 years. That is a reasonable amount of orca deaths. When these orcas are in these pools their aggression levels and stress levels are high. There have been 4 deaths of whale trainers. As we can see orcas should not be held in captivity.

On the other hand there are some pros to zoos. Zoos bring people together and teach the public about endangered animals. This can be a great thing for a community. Zoos also help endangered species by giving them a safer home and breeding them because in the wild it may be hard for them to find a mate. "Zoos benefit conservation not only through direct efforts such as captive breeding, wild survival training and reintroduction but also in indirect ways (Aziz)." Almost 50 percent of people live in areas where disconnected from nature. So in these cities zoos and aquariums enrich the lives of the citizens and make them want to preserve animal life. "Research on captive animals increases knowledge of animal biology, genetics, behavior, interactions, food habits etc (Aziz)." These are all very good pros for zoos but, we see that there are a lot more cons.

Here are both the pros and cons for zoos. Ultimately we all have our own opinions about the effectiveness of zoos. After we see all the facts about zoos we see the gray areas. Zoos do a lot more harm than good when it comes to these wild animals. Animals deserve to live their lives free in cadges for our entertainment.

Source by Danielle M Samela

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Tools Making Life Dangerously Soft

As a silkscreen artist, I used to use a stencil or silkscreen film cutter which looks like a fat pen with a pointed blade. Since I'm also a graphic artist, I know that using this tool requires more handskill than drawing or painting. In the late 80's, a new version of this tool became available. The amazing innovation was that the blade is now flexible -it bends and moves with the curve and line your hand is making! Then I realized just how hard was it to use the original solid model and how much skill was required to use it. The new model had made my job easier and is gentler to my hand. As years go by, the invention of tools and gadgets that saves us time and made life easier suddenly flooded the market. Are these tools good for us? Some people of the older generations do not think so. A soft life is unhealthy they say and I agree with that. But I think overworked people are entitled to use these tools. Too hard a life is also bad for health.

Here is my list of tools that makes life too soft:

Swivel Chair

Instead of standing up that makes our blood circulate, we can just rotate or roll the chair. The cushion of the chair also stops blood circulation.

Public Laundries that Does All the Work for You

Manually squeezing and drying our clothes is just a small exercise. But no -this service will take that away from you.

Instant Food

A solution to professionally preparing food. And I do not have to mention the dangerous preservatives these food contain.

Remote Controls for Everything

For TV's, aircons, power fans, sound systems, etc … We do not need to stand up and flex some muscles.

Kitchen Gadgets

I think these gadgets amaze me the most. We have vegetable peeler, fruit corer, meat, vegetable, and fruit slicer, food dispenser, power dishwasher, blender, stirrer, coffee maker, and most of these have timers so you can sit back, continue relaxing and just wait for the beep.

Garage Power Tools

Electric saw, power drill, nail gun, power screw drivers -no more need to flex and exercise our hand muscles.

Now I'm sure I can add more tools and gadgets but enough for now. Imagine you use all these tools saving a lot of time and physical exercise. Where do we spend the saved time? Probably not for exercise but for more relaxation or late-night parties. Are these all good for our health?

Source by Pocholo Peralta

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States With No Income Taxes & States With Low Property Taxes

Real Estate Investing & Property Tax Rates

In the United States, property tax is assessed by local government at the municipal or county level. The property tax assessment is based on two values ​​- the value of the land, and the value of the building. Since property tax is calculated at a local-level – and since changes occur frequently – it's tricky to determine the exact spots where property tax is the lowest. However, the following information should help you locate areas with high appreciation AND low property taxes.

Which States Have the Lowest Property Tax Rates?

County tax rates are often averaged into a single figure, and this number is used when comparing property taxes between states. Surprisingly, Wyoming has the lowest property tax rates. Unfortunately, property values ​​in Wyoming tend to be pretty depressed, due to low population influx and a lack of jobs. Also, Wyoming does not rank highly when it comes to appreciation rates for residential and commercial real estate. Just because an area has low property taxes does not mean it will be the best area to invest in (or relocate to).

What to Look For When Investing

Look for an area that has a consistent rate of real estate assessment, combined with fairly low property taxes. Often, local property tax rates are low because real estate appreciation in the area is low – so you need to be careful. Cities located next to universities and areas where businesses are relocating are usually excellent spots to buy real estate. Paying attention to population growth can help you spot real estate trends and make wiser investments.

Medium-Sized Cities With the Lowest Property Tax Rates

According to data collected by the Office of the CFO in Washington, DC, the following cities have the lowest property tax rates in 2006, based on an annual income of $ 75,000. Assuming you earn $ 75,000 annually, here are the property tax amounts you would pay in each city …

Birmingham AL – $ 988

Cheyenne WY – $ 1,108

Phoenix AZ – $ 1,248

Wichita KS – $ 1,309

Denver CO – $ 1,362

Charleston WV – $ 1,395

Oklahoma City OK – $ 1,538

Kansas City, MO – $ 1,595

Little Rock AR – $ 1,648

Louisville, KY – $ 1,713

Jacksonville FL – $ 1,744

Honolulu HI – $ 1,781

Billings MT – $ 1,864

Salt Lake City, UT – $ 1,904

Virginia Beach VA – $ 1,918

Jackson MS – $ 1,971

Charlotte, NC – $ 2,021

Boise, ID – $ 2,176

Columbia SC – $ 2,214

Las Vegas NV – $ 2,225

Sioux Falls SD – $ 2,228

New Orleans, LA – $ 2,231

Wilmington DE – $ 2,416

Memphis TN – $ 2,501

Albuquerque NM – $ 2,517

Houston TX – $ 2,861

The Connection Between State Income Taxes & Property Tax Rates

States with no income tax (see list below) usually have high property tax rates in their relevant counties (The state needs to get its revenue from somewhere!). However, the trade-off is that you will have zero taxes on all earned income. This can be a huge advantage. Instead of paying the state 7 to 15 percent (or more) of your income, you can keep your hard-earned money, and invest it back into real estate or other investments. There are currently nine states that do not tax income at the state level.

States With No Income Tax




South Dakota




New Hampshire *

Tennessee *

* New Hampshire and Tennessee do not tax earned income, but they DO tax capital gains (divide and interest income).

How To Find the Best of Both Worlds: Low Property Tax & No State Income Tax

If you're looking for the best of both worlds (low property tax and no state income tax), you may want to consider the following cities:

Sioux Falls, SD

Houston, Texas

Jacksonville, Florida

Memphis, TN

Cheyenne, WY

Las Vegas, Nevada

You can also explore less well-known cities in the nine "no-income-tax" states. Smaller towns and cities generally offer "quality of life" advantages, and higher-than-average price appreciation and growth.


Now you know which states do not tax income, and which areas have the lowest property tax rates. Armed with this knowledge, you can focus on finding the best spot for your next home or real estate investment.

Source by Michelle Taylor

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If Someone is Erasing Or Deleting Their Text Messages, is it a Sign of Cheating?

I often hear from people who can not help but notice that their husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend has been increasingly sending and receiving text messages. However, when they go to check up on those texts, they've often been deleted or erased.

I often hear comments like: "my husband will go and try to find privacy when he's texting. I'll see he has a mischievous and excited look on his face and I get a feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. when I get a hold of the phone later to see who he's been texting and what he's been saying, I find that he's deleted his entire history. What is going on? Should I be worried that he's cheating on me and using his cell phone to do it? "

These concerns are most definitely valid. Statistics show that it's increasingly common for people to get cating cheating from their cell phones. And, it's very tempting for cheaters to sending playful and flirtatious texts to someone who you are cheating with. Plus, the cheater often thinks that all they have to do is hit the delete button to erase all evidence of wrongdoing. (This assumption can be just plain wrong.)

If you confront your loved one about the deleted texts, they'll often tell you that they were trying to save memory on their phone or that it's just their habit not to let their messages clutter up their phone. And, I suppose there are cases where this is a valid excuse. But, it will often help to look at how soon after the message's use that they are actually deleting it. It's less problematic if they let the message sit there for days or weeks before they get around to erasing it. But, if they're erasing immediately after it's sent or received, then this becomes a good bit more suspicious.

If your loved one is even reasonably tech savvy (and they are very likely if they're constantly messaging, then they are reasonably know that they can easily set their phone to automatically delete old messages after a specified period of time so that having to go in and manually do this is really over kill.

What To Do When Your Loved One Is Constantly Deleting Their Texts: As I see it, you have a few choices here. You can ask or confront them about this, but I have to tell you that an extremely large majority of cheaters will firmly deny any wrong doing. You can ask yourself if there are any places where you're seeing odd behaviors (like at the computer) and then try to follow up and check those places. You can also check the call log, photos, and sent emails. There is software that allows you to go back in and read the texts and only you can decide if you want to take this that far.

I think it often comes down to the other behaviors that surround the messaging and whether or not you believe that this is all innocent or not. And, if you've found this article, I suspect that you might feel like there is more to this than saving phone memory. Sometimes this is not the case, but many times, it is.

Source by Seeta Dean