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Cat Problems – Got A Nagging Cat Problem? Solve It Here

Lord knows there can be a whole lot of cat problems, and when your cat starts having problems you just want them gone, like yesterday. We’re going to cover some of the most common problems here and give everybody some very helpful strategies and tips to solve them.

Let’s start off by saying this-you’ve got to pinpoint what’s causing the problem. And then you have to remove the cause, if you’re able to do this then the problem will be solved immediately. Cats are like people in that they contract many of the same illnesses and condition, however, what goes on between the ears is a whole other ballgame, cats are like the most sensitive person you know times two. They have a very heightened awareness of danger and can be mentally and emotionally vulnerable and will react negatively to weird things.

So, when you start having freak out problems with your cat be very aware of the environment and try to ascertain what is causing the problem. If your cat is overly aggressive, hissing, and displaying other aggressive behaviors this is coming from a sense of fear. Find out what’s bothering your cat and remove that situation, person, other animal, whatever it might be. If you can get inside your cat’s head and find the cause the freak out problem will simply go away on its own.

When your cat has a serious illness they can also get oddly mean and will hiss and not want to be picked up. If you can’t figure out what the problem is, this might be it, taking them to the veterinarian at this point is a smart move.

Another common cat problem is that your cat is urinating all over your house like they’re living out in the fields. Gross. And this can be very frustrating. Here is a very common solution to this problem, clean the litter box, and clean it a lot more often, cats don’t like going to the bathroom in disgusting environments anymore than we do, they are very clean animals as you know. Of course, something else entirely might be going on here as well, your cat may be “marking their territory” off, this tends to happen when there are other pets in the house, dogs or other cats.

In this case you need to simply train your cat that the litter box is the only place to urinate, you have to just train them better, let them know that it’s not alright and eventually they will change their behavior.

When your cat is scratching up your furniture, that’s a real problem, your solution is to get your cat their own personal scratching post and teach them that they should scratch only that; cats are smart, they will get it, eventually. We all have cat problems from time to time, patience and understanding are often the key to solving them.

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