Cat Potty Training – Train Your Cat To Use The Potty And Save The Planet!

Cat Potty Training, it's the holy grail of cat behavior. It's no wonder that cat potty training is one of the most sought after skills that a cat owner seeks to gain.

Sure enough, this level of cat etiquette is worth knowing. Cat potty training is beneficial to the cat owner (and their home) in more ways than you would imagine.

Potty training your cat is not just something cat owners learn to show off to their friends and family, but a significant behavioral skill that once acquires, can not only keep your carpet clean, but your household green.

Not only will you save the hours of frustration with litter tray disasters (or worse still, pee and poop on the carpet) but you will have a well trained cat that is helping you do your bit to save the environment. How so?

Well, look at it this way …

  • No more litter refills
  • No more litter waste
  • No more bags full of used cat litter
  • No more expensive cat litter refills
  • Less carpets and ruined, more savings for you
  • Less air freshener required after an accident in the "wrong room"

These are some of the key reasons why cat potty training is essential for all households who not only wish to save the continuous headache of cleaning, scooping and monitoring their cat's toiletry behavior, but also like to do their bit for the environment.

When you look at it like this, it makes perfect sense to start potty training your cats [] as soon as possible. Not only will you benefit from the hassle free, low maintenance of a toilet trained cat, but you will also be saving money and the environment simultaneously. A pretty good deal in my opinion.

But do not just take my word for it, there are currently hundreds of people seeking an alternative to cat litter each day on the internet alone. You can only imagine how people are doing the same offline.

A word of warning:

Cat potty training is not easy. Cats simply do not trust that big white, noisy bow to do their business in. You can not blame them really. But why is it so hard? Well quite simply, here is a few of the biggest reasons a cat will not like to use the toilet out of their own free will:

1. They do not understand why they should use it

2. Cats are very cautious when doing their business, so they need to feel safe

3. If something does not smell right where a cat does their business, they will not do their stuff

Overcoming these issues is tricky, but these are just some of the steps you must overcome whilst cat potty training. Ultimately, cat potty training is only hard if you do not know what a cat is thinking and what will persuade them to take the right actions.

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