Cat Myths: What People Misunderstand About Cats

Cats are popular pets in any home. But there are many people that still do not understand them and their behaviour. This can lead to people taking an abnormal dislike to cats which is unfair on these adorable animals. Some of these people would have a great pet in their home if they would only dispel any cat misconceptions.

Cats are not dogs. Don’t compare them to dogs. They are cats – they have different characteristics to dogs. So, don’t expect your cat to do anything like whatever dogs do. Comparing cat to a dog is like comparing an apple to an orange – they both taste nice and are both healthy but they have different characteristics of feel, smell, taste and behaviour.

Just like cats and dogs.

People seem to like dogs because of their obedience and loyalty. That’s fine. But cats don’t go in for this. They are independent creatures. They give their love in different ways. Compare this to people that don’t like dogs – they are turned off by the need for constant companionship and attention.

People think that cats have no personality whatsoever. They do – you just have to look for it. I agree it can be hard sometimes. But cats can appear cold and calculating but are warm loving creatures.

They are independent. That is one of the things that makes a cat a cat. They often do their own thing and strut their own stuff. They can still be affectionate and loving. But not like a dog. This does not mean that they wouldn’t make a great pet – they would! They are just a bit picky and choosy over when to show their love and to whom. They are not as demonstrative as dogs with their love and affection. That is because they are not dogs.

Some people say that cats only show love when they want food, unlike dogs. That may seem to be the case but it is not (always). They enjoy warmth, affection and love just like dogs and their human owners. They will sleep on you, near you and with you. They enjoy a cuddle and a stroke.

Other people think that cats do not need humans. Well, this may seem to be the case. But cats will often show their affection both in and outside of the house. My cat, for instance, will run towards me in my garden when I go out there. Cats like to be safe in the home but they are also independent creatures as well. It’s a balance. Some cats will stay in much more than others. But they all have their moments when human contact is welcomed.

The great thing is that cats take less looking after because they are so independent. Nevertheless, cats will still want to show their love and affection to anyone that shows them the same love and respect.

Source by Dr. Mark Clayson

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