Cat Litter Training? How to Effectively Do Cat Litter Training

Cat litter training is not rocket science, but you need to know how to do it.

First thing to do is to find a quiet, near empty room in your home. This will be your cat training room.

There is just a few things you'll put in this training room: a water dish, somewhere to hide (such as an empty box), something to sleep on and the litter box. Now, you're ready to start your kitten training.

Keep your pet in this cat litter training room for a minimum of three days. You'll enter the room just for clean the box and feed your kitten, every day, for three days. Perhaps you want to play with him- and that's OK – but do not bring your cat out of the room.

If, after the three days are over, your cat has been using the litter box, you can take him out of the room and let him out into another room, with a litter box in it. Try to do not give your pet free roam of the whole house yet. And if your cat eliminates outside the litter box again, well, it's time to go back in the litter box training room for another couple of days.

Now, if your cat still eliminate in the sameappropriate spot, then you know that this particular area needs to be cleaned more carefully or you need to keep the cat away from that area temporarily.

With patience, persistence, and an effective plan for retraining – solving inappropriate elimination problems is absolutely possible.

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