Cat Eye Health Care Tips

The health of your cat's eyes is very important to the health of your cat. So, it is extremely important to monitor your cat's eye health and to take action immediately upon realizing there may be an issue. Use the following tips and if the problem is persistent or severe, consult your veterinarian.

Keep Your Cat's Eyes Healthy

One sure way of making sure the health of your cat's eyes health does not become a problem is by keeping your cat well groomed and cleaned. Watch for some of these things to help prevent any cat eye health problems.

– Keep your cat's eyes free of mucus by gently cleaning his or her eyes.

– Before bathing, flea treatments or doing anything that may introduce chemicals to your cat's eyes you should apply a neutralizing ointment.

– Keep hair out of your cat's eyes, this is particularly true for long haired breeds such as Persians.

– Clean tear stained fur around the eyes.

Signs of Cat Eye Health Issues

Healthy cat eyes are always moist and clear, if you see any of these following symptoms there may be a health issue.

– Reddish colored inner eyelids

– The third eyelid roams across the eye and / or stays across the eye

– Unusual discharges or matter forming on the eye or in the corners of the eye

– Excessive tears and / or signs of excessive tearing around the eyes

Cleaning Your Cat's Eyes

Dilute some baby shampoo with water at a solution 1 part shampoo and 20 parts water. With a cotton ball, gauze pad or cotton swab soaked in this solution gently wipe away any discharge or dirt residue by massaging the eyeball. Clean around the edges of the eye thoroughly. Once you have adequately cleaned the area, wipe away the shampoo with clean water and cotton ball or gauze pad.

If there are any formations of discharge residue inside the eyelids themselves, drip sterile saline eye drops from above the eye and carefully remove with a tissue or cotton ball.

Apply Medication to Your Cat's Eyes

If you are giving your cat eye drops, gently lift your cat's head up and apply one or two drops of the eye medication. Space multiple treatments out by around 10 minutes, this will allow the first treatment to absorb.

If you cat eye health professional has recommended the use of an ointment be sure to use only a very little at a time, too much will result in irritating the eye. Apply it to the corner of the eye, or to the eyelid and gently rub the eyelid around your cat's eye to even distribute the ointment.

Hopefully these quick tips will go a long way in preventing any potential cat eye health problems and allow for you cat to remain A Happy Cat.

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