Cat Behavior – Cat Does Not Like Being Petted

Does your cat not like being petted? Does your cat only tolerate a few minutes of being petted? Well there are many reasons why a cat does not want to be petted and there are some simple techniques you can try to change your cat's behavior.

Many times cat owners will complain that their cat does not like being petted. Their cat does not want to be petted at all or will only tolerate a few minutes of petting at a time. There can be many reasons why a cat would not want to be petted.

For some cats that grow up isolated socially from humans they do not crave being petted. Many stray cats have grown up to fear humans and some that are ever adopted by cat owners will still not trust people enough to be petted.

Also it has been shown that kittens from small litters are less likely to like being petted. This is likely a factor of lack of socializing.

Another reason, which is probably the main one, that cats do not like being petted is they do not want to be petted for the same amount of time that the owner wants.

Some cats only want to be petted for a few minutes and then go on to play with a toy or take a nap. For many owners they see this as a problem. This is a problem for the cat owner, not the cat. The cat is perfectly fine being petted for a few minutes.

Many cats will become aggressive if you try to keep them on your lap and pet them for longer than they want to be petted. Fortunately there are lots of simple techniques you can use to train your cat to be petted for longer periods of time.

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