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Cannon powershot SX210

Canon has always come up with products with newest technology and user friendly performance and after launching SX200 IS, Canon released another digital camera from the range of Powershot which is SX210. This camera has all the brilliant features of its predecessor and also has some newest features like an easy video recording button, place for SDXC memory cards, 14x optical zoom image-stabilized, wide angled zoom, HD video with stereo audio, 14.1 megapixel CCD sensor, a flat body design, optional manual exposure and also a controllable pop-up flash.

This camera not only provides a remarkable picture result but is also very elegantly designed and has a very eye catching body which is leek and easily pocket able. Available in 3 striking colors, black, purple and gold, SX210 stands out when taken out. The camera not only has a versatile shape but is also incredible in delivering high quality stills, perfect for every occasion with high quality optical zoom and meeting up every challenge and also has an easy video recording mode.

Its newest face detection technology allows versatile image capturing, perfect for capturing any kind of scene and highly user friendly. Even after a high competition in the compact camera market, Canon Powershot SX210 SI has made its place and is getting positive reviews from all over since its launch.

People who prefer stylish cameras find Powershot SX210 Si not very attractive but for its layout of controls and superior performance, it is a special of all. This new model has been made especially with keeping in mind the easy and firm handling and the power button is fitted so that it doesn’t get pressed accidentally. It has its minor drawbacks like the slow winding in and out of the lens and a slow zoom action but it is all covered up because of its matchless performance.

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