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Candle Making Book: Review

There are many books available about making candles, it might be hard to choose a good one especially because many cost a lot. This is why I want to tell you about Candle Makers Companion – The best Candle Making Book I have ever seen. This is suitable for beginners and for people who want to improve their skills at candle making and for people who want to turn their hobby into a successful home business. This article will be review of one of the best candle making book – Candlemakers Companion.

Author of the book is Jane Church, she started making candles 8 years ago, in this time she has gathered lots of experience and now she is going to share all this with you.

If you’re new to making candles, it may be hard to find and pick necessary supplies. Since this book starts from the very beginning of art of making candles, it will give you list of supplies you need and also you will learn a lot about wick types and how to select candle wax.

Design is the most important thing about candles, Candlemakers Companion gives great information on how to make your candles look beatiful and professional. Another important thing that this book will cover is selecting colors – it even includes Printable Color Charts as a free bonus.

Candle making can be much more than a hobby – you can turn it into successful home business. If you want to start earnig money by making candles then this book is perfect for you. It can be hard to break into candle making business, this book will cover all the information you need to avoid losing money, packaging candles and how to be successful at candle making business.

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