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Can You Install a Security System in Your Apartment?

Putting a security system in your home has lots of advantages. It can make you feel safer about staying home at night or leaving for vacation. It can even lower the monthly or annual cost of renter’s or homeowner’s insurance by knocking down your premiums. Plus, today’s security systems are super high tech but are also easy to install. One of the questions that many people have about security systems, though, is whether or not they can install them in an apartment. The answer is that it depends. Here are the steps to go through to find out about this in your apartment.

First, you should talk to your apartment complex’s manager. Many complexes do allow security systems to be installed but may have several rules about the type of system that can be installed and how intrusive the installation process can be. In order to find out your apartment complex’s policy, you can check a policy manual, but it’s probably easier to just stop by the manager’s office to find out in detail what you can and cannot do about a security system for your apartment.

Another thing that you might ask your apartment complex’s manager is what companies other tenants use for their security systems. Chances are likely that the complex has a few different security firms represented throughout its tenants, and it can be helpful to see where other people are getting approved services in your complex. If the manager can’t tell you, consult with some of your neighbors to see what type of security system they use in their own apartments.

Even if you can’t get a lot of information from fellow tenants and apartment complex managers, you should definitely spend some time looking at different security systems and companies to see what apartment-friendly options you can find. Chances are likely that you can’t install a comprehensive system in your apartment that will cover walls and such, but you can probably buy a system with contact points at the doors and windows. It may not protect against fires, but it can certainly protect against forced entries and probably even broken glass in the windows.

Of course, you should always price out some different options and levels of service and coverage for your apartment. You might be surprised to find that there are really several different security systems that will work well for your apartment, so be sure to check out what the different plans include and what types of fees are associated with the plans. Don’t forget to ask about installation and maintenance fees, and make sure that you can dissolve your contact with the home security company when you move away from your apartment.

If you own an apartment or condo, then the rules are a lot different. You can install any type of security system here that you would be able to install in a home you owned, since you technically have ownership of the inside walls of the area where you live. In this case, your choice is less complex, and you can choose any type of home security system that you feel suits your needs and home.

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