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Brio Wooden Train Sets over the Years

Brio is a toy company that has been in business since the year 1884. Started by Ivar Bengtsson, a basket maker, his company has become one of the leading toy makers in the world giving kids the opportunity to have fun while learning at the same time.

The company mainly relies on using wood as the material for most of their toys. Although wood is a material not frequently used anymore by most toy companies, this makes Brio’s toys unlike any other.

There’s a reason why Brio is leading when it comes to making toys. Their toys are designed and built not only to provide fun to your kids but they also help your kids develop their imagination. The wooden train sets specifically will help your kids develop their abilities to build, to get creative, to analyze and solve puzzles.

With the cool and highly imaginative characters that Brio has, their wooden characters will take your kids to a place in their mind where they can have the power to create.

A great feature of a Brio train set is its genuine and classical designs that would make you feel as if it was your grandparents’ toys handed down to you then ultimately to your kids.

Their use of birch and beech hard woods create wooden train sets that will really last throughout years and can even be passed down. Using wood for toys may be traditional but their designs are really good and fit in the modern times.

Brio makes use of paint and other materials in making their wooden train sets that are very safe for your children. The wood they use is non-toxic and doesn’t have insecticides or other forms of harmful wood preservatives.

Their wooden train sets are very cheap and definitely worth the money. A typical train set will only cost less than $20. There are also wooden characters and other train accessories that cost less than $5 to $10. Their online catalogue displays a wide line of wooden train sets that have different characters, designs and themes.

Brio has an available online catalogue displaying their wooden train set toys including their descriptions, illustrations, and prices. You can also choose to shop online at their official website They have a wide selection of wooden train sets, trains, buildings, characters, bridges, and other wooden train accessories. Give your child the chance to play with a Brio wooden train set and you will never regret it.

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