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Bookbinding Techniques – 5 Techniques of Bookbinding

A book can be bound in several different ways. Some of the bookbinding techniques are very easy while others are difficult. Nevertheless, you can definitely bind books at your home right now. Having knowledge about various bookbinding techniques will help you to start bookbinding by hand.

Most of the books are bound by machines today due to speed and efficiency. But, some people are still binding books by hand as a hobby, or for self publishing their books. You can also take advantage of this and make it profitable for youself. In this article we will see five bookbinding techniques that many people are practicing.

  • 1) Saddle Stitch: You can see several notebooks, brochures and small books bound by saddle stitch. For this binding all the papers are placed one above the other along with the cover and stapled through the center.
  • 2) Perfect Binding: Millions of books are perfect bound everyday. All the novels, several textbooks etc., are bound with this method. This can also be done by hand. For starters, take some papers and fold all of them.

    Arrange these folded papers one above the other. See that the folded sides fit accurately. Hold all these tightly with paper clamps. Roughen the spine and apply glue all over the spine. After drying apply the glue again and attach the cover. A perfect bound book will be ready.

  • 3) Hardcover Binding: This technique takes more time because of sewing. It is called hardcover because a thick cardboard is used as cover. First, all the signatures are sewed together and then glue is applied on spine holding it tightly. This will connect all the signatures firmly. The cover is prepared and glue is applied on the cover. Then it is attached to the stack of signatures. It is held firmly like this. After some time hardcover book will be ready.
  • 4) Coptic Binding: This method was developed by the Copts of Egypt long time ago. For this technique all the pages are arranged orderly. Then two covers are kept above and below, and they are sewed at the spine. The spine is exposed in this method and you can connect the two covers back to back without damaging the book.
  • 5) Yotsume Toji: It is one of the Japanese bookbinding technique in which four holes are made near the spine. Then it is sewn in a particular way to get a hand bound book.

    The above bookbinding techniques are some of the ways in which books can be bound. You can do all those at home and also earn money by selling unique hand bound books.

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