Bird Watching As A Hobby

Watching birds in your backyard, at national parks, or while vacationing in other states or countries is a lot of fun for those who enjoy this outdoor recreational and educational hobby. All ages can participate in this activity. There are 764 species in the United States and thousands more worldwide.

Why are people interested in bird watching?

People who enjoy research, investigating, or detective type activities seem to have a tendency towards this outdoor pastime.

Benefits of watching birds:

1. The ability to identify a species by its marks and colors

2. Listening to their songs

3. Viewing all sizes of these feathered creatures

4. Flight observation of style and patterns

5. Where does it live or nest?

6. Does this bird fly, hop, run, or a combination?

7. Mating ritual and other behaviors?

Bird watching will require a few tools. These are four of the most critical items.

1. Binoculars help to see the bird markings in detail for correct identification of the species. The 8x and the 10x are popular. It will be a personal choice and how you wish to view the birds.

2. Camera with proper lens for focusing on the birds. Digital brand names of Nikon and Canon are very popular with bird enthusiasts. The lens you choose to use will be the critical decision for your type of bird watching.

3. Pen and notebook to take notes or the new digital electronic to voice record notes and to record the bird songs.

4. Field guides which people use are National Geographic's Field Guide to the Birds of North America and Peterson Field Guides, Birds of Eastern and Central North America and Birds of Western North America.

This hobby will wake up your curiosity to learn more about our feathered friends in reference to their species, colors and markings, migration patterns, and their behaviors. This is an excellent hobby for everyone. Singles, families, adults, and children may participate.

About 50 to 75 million people worldwide enjoy bird watching as a hobby. This activity is a world of recreation, leisure, socializing, education, and arts and crafts. It is fun and exciting and offers opportunities to see new places and meet new people. It is an exercise in learning and is an added benefit to our education. Other arts and crafts will also be utilized. Photography, writing, painting, sculpture are but a few of the added talents and skills which will enhance or assist this hobby of observing birds in the wild.

If you have an inquiring and inquisitive mind you will enjoy birding.

Source by Tricia Deed

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