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Best Kid's Toys Sylvanian Families

There are a huge number of kid’s toys available in the market, but it is important that you choose the right toys for your kid that will help boost his/her imagination and thinking abilities while they are not even aware of it. There are many such toys including character toys like those of Sylvanian Families, Shrek, Hannah Montana, Star Wars, Disney Fairies and cartoons; and also board games which are very good for improving the aptitude and logical abilities of kids. In addition to this there are many outdoor games as well, which help in improving the physical potency of the kids.

Being a parent it is your duty to decide on what type of toys you should buy your child to mould him accordingly. For all the little kids, Sylvanian Families are a very popular option. They initially originated from North America and Japan in the 1980s, when they became very popular.

Sylvanian Families are actually anthropomorphic animal characters which were made much alike humans, who were supposed to talk, walk and live their lives with their families as human beings do. The Sylvanian Family characters touched the imagination of the kids to a great extent and thus, many kids started collecting their own Sylvanian characters in order to make a full family and house-hold for them.

The toy-makers this made a guinea pig family that included characters Andrew, Peter, Penny, Nicola Pettyfur and also their own guinea pig babies Simon Pettyfur and Lindsay Pettyfur. The Pettyfur family was supposed to stay together, eat together and sleep together in the same house just like humans do. Thus, the toy makers also started making creating toy houses which had little beds, coffee table, dining tables, sofa sets and chairs, to give it a more realistic look.

The coffee tables also came with tiny cups and plates, where the Sylvanian family was supposed to have their morning and evening tea and snacks. Kids just love pretending to be part of such a family, because they control everything in the family according to their imagination. So what are you waiting for? Buy your child the Sylvanian Family collection and see his/her imagination sore.    
Kids Toys 4 U

Kids Toys 4 U is a rejuvenation of the D&A Toys Chatham Ltd. The D&A Toys Chatham company has been dealing in toys since 1977, for over three decades now. The company is reputed for its stock of unique children’s toys and games. It has an online shop at as well as a large store in Chatham’s Pentagon Centre.

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