Beginner RC Planes – Tips For Choosing A Beginner RC Plane

You've decided to get into the world of rc planes, but now you're stuck with the hardest decision to make. What kind of plane do I buy? Here are a few tips someone should follow and look for when buying a beginner rc plane.

1. Go cheap! You are most likely going to crash you very first plane. The cheaper the plane is the less bad youll fall if you need to buy a new one or spare parts to replace it.

2. Look for a plane that says Slowflyer of Parkflyer. They are called this for a reason. They fly slow so they will not be too fast for you to handle and will give you more time to react if you need it. These planes can also be flown almost anywhere.

3. Look for a plane with a Top Wing design. This means that the wing is on top of the plane. This type of design gives the plane more lift and will help keep it floating if you run into trouble giving you more time to react. A plane with a large wingspan will also help produce lift. So, in summary, look for a plane with a large wing on top.

4. Go with a 2-channel or a 3-channel plane. A 2-channel plane allows you to control the up / down and side to side movement (turning). This is done with the elevator and rudder. A 3-channel plane will allow you to do the same, but also allows you to control the planes speed. Stay away from 4-channel planes for now. This 4th channel is used to control the ailerons and is used in more advanced flying that you will not be ready for just quite yet. A 3-channel will help prepare you for moving on to a 4th channel.

5. Some beginner planes even come with what is called Anti Crash Technology (ACT for short). The plane uses sensors to detect the planes orientation. If they sense that the plane is going into a dive, they will automatically correct the position of the plane giving you more time to react and avoid a crash.

Flying rc planes is a fun hobby, and with several types of planes geared specifically towards beginners anyone can learn to fly. Good luck and happy flying.

Source by Josh Elkins

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