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Bakugan Toys For Your Kids

Kids today, and even the young teens, have this craze for anime-game spinoffs and the toys and accessories that come with them. Bakugan is one such anime and video game, and right now Bakugan toys are among the best-selling toys for kids. It was one of the hottest toys in 2008, as proclaimed by Time magazine, and the craze for it still hasn’t disappeared this year. Young boys are especially excited in gathering all the collectible figures and trading cards of the anime and video game.

If you have played the video game or if you have watched the anime then you re no stranger as to how the Bakugan is played. The animated series is composed of 2 seasons, with 52 episodes in total. Even in the first episode you will get to see how a Bakugan battle is done. You also get to see the parallel universe and the different Bakugans from which the Bakugan toys are modeled after. The best-selling toys are mainly that of the Bakugan spheres. These are made of plastic and are of various colors and sizes. There are spheres as small as a ping pong ball but there are also spheres that are as big as a softball. They come with magentic cards that trigger the spheres to open up and reveal themselves as the monsters or warriors as seen in the anime and video game.

For those who are just starting their fun on the game, try getting a Bakugan starter pack first. This set contains 3 Bakugan and 3 game cards of various cards. You can see in the animated series that a Bakugan duel is usually comprised of the players fighting three sets of battles. So this starter pack will serve as your first set of Bakugan brawlers. As you continue on the game, you can collect more warriors and more cards, and the game becomes more fun and more challenging!

The Bakugan battles can also be played by more than two players. You can also play in teams or in combinations. This game was originally made for kids aged 4 but the craze has gone up to the teens and even the adults! There are those who are also just interested in collecting the spheres and cards, and there is nothing wrong with this. Bakugan toy collections are not exactly uncommon. There are many people out there interested in collecting action figures and anime accessories and the Bakugan toys are not an exception.

The Bakugan game is designed for the Bakugan warriors to duel it out with their opponents and win points awarded by the “gate cards.” You need to land your Bakugan on the card and the Bakugan sphere will open up to become the warrior it is inside. You can do a one-on-one battle, a two-on-two, a triple battle, a quadruple, a team battle, a battle for fun, or a battle for keeps.

In collecting more Bakugan warriors, there are people who would like to stick to one type of Bakugan. We can focus on one among the six: the Pyrus type for fire, the Aquos type for water, the Subterra for earth, Haos for light, Darkus for dark, and Ventus for wind. Each of these Bakugan toys are unique, and all are the joy of the Bakugan game.

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