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Avoiding Clavamox For Cats Might Be a Good Idea

Have you heard of Clavamox for cats? Antibiotics are useful tools in the modern medical arsenal. They can save lives: yours and your cat's. However the use of antibiotics has many unpleasant consequences, for you, your pets, and for the world.

Clavamox, while a solid and useful antibiotic, combining amoxicillin and clavulanate, is no exception. If you want to avoid using Clavamox or other antibiotics on your cats, however, the best time is before your pet is ill: prevention is the ideal approach to reducing undesirable use of any medication.

Clavamox, like the amoxicillin it is based on, is known to cause side effects. When dosed with Clavamox cats may suffer loose stools and diarrhea. Some animals experience vomiting, and no pet should be dosed with Clavamox when it is known to have an allergy or sensitivity to amoxicillin or related antibiotics.

Further, the antibiotic is formulated to be particularly effective at attacking amoxicillin-resistant strains of bacteria, using Clavulanate as an enzyme suppressant allowing the amoxicillin to perform an end-run around the chemical resistance of the bacteria. If we have already been forced once to find a way around resistance, do we want to be forced to find another end-run fifty years down the line?

The less we prescribe Clavamox for cats, or for any animal including humans, the less likely a resistant strain is to develop.

It is better to do everything possible to avoid using antibiotics in the first place, by managing the health of ourselves and our pets through natural means dependent on life-style, natural diet and supplements.

Keeping you cat in a clean, sanitary indoors environment is the very first step in maintaining your cat's health. After that consider a natural diet based on meat: cats are obligate carnivores and do not process non-meat substances well, if at all. Low ash content and moist food can help reduce UTIs (urinary tract infections) and supplements containing cantharis, uva ursi, and other natural ingredients that can provide natural antiseptic and diuretic effects, helping your cat maintain a strong and germ free metabolism through natural homeopathic substances.

Even if your cat does come down with an infection and your vet chooses to prescribe Clavamox for cats with UTIs and other bacterial outbreaks, you can support your cat's recovery using natural substances. The same formulas that can help avoid infection in the first place can reinforce and support the effectiveness of the clavamox.

Using these substances is an effective way to ensure that the antibiotic leaves few if any bacteria to reproduce and start a new, resistant infection. Remember, prescribing Clavamox for cats may be necessary, but allowing that prescription to leave resistant strains behind is not.

Confer with your vet before putting your cat on any supplement, either before or during a period when you must provide Clavamox for cats' health. Follow dosing instructions carefully, with both the supplements and the antibiotic: remember it is best for you, your cat, and the world to use antibiotics as seldom as possible and with as little backlash as can be arranged.

When their health can be maintained with natural methods other than Clavamox cats are happier, and lead better lives, with fewer side effects … and so do you.

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