Avoiding A Fake Yorkie Breeder

After making the decision to get a New Yorkshire Terrier the next thing you are going to want to do is to be able to spot a fake Yorkie breeder when you see one so that you can avoid doing any business with them at all. There are many things you can ask and things you can do to try and weed out the fake Yorkie breeders and it is in your best interest to do so as the relationship between you and your breeder is a very important one to the health of your pet .

The Better Business Bureau may have information on the business practices of the breeders you are considering and if any breeders have a long list of people complaining about them then you may want to avoid a breeder like that. If they are not serious about doing good business then they can not possibly be considered a reputable or worthy breeder.

One of the signs of a good and reputable breeder is that they are just as concerned with your dog's health as you are and to that end a good breeder will make sure a new owner not only leaves with their dog but they also leave with a detailed set of care instructions so that the new owner knows exactly how to care for their new pet. This should be a standard procedure for any reputable and good Yorkie breeder so make sure you look for this.

Another sign of a good and reputable Yorkie breeder is that they will give you a sample of your dog's food so that you know what to feed your dog to make it healthy and happy. A breeder that does not offer you a free sample of food is probably a fake Yorkie breeder and definitely not someone you want to deal with.

A reputable Yorkie breeder will be an outlet that insurance companies will try and use to market pet insurance. For this reason you can usually expect a free six-week pet insurance policy when you buy a dog from a reputable Yorkie breeder. If you are not offered a free pet insurance policy, or the breeder you are talking to has never heard of such a thing, then the chances are that you may be dealing with a fake Yorkie breeder.

Your breeder is important to the future health and happiness of your dog and for that reason you need to make sure you take all the steps necessary to figure out if you are dealing with a reputable and legitimate breeder or a fake Yorkie breeder. A fake breeder is potentially unethical and even potentially dangerous so be very careful in your search for a good and reputable Yorkie breeder.

Source by Susan Bailey

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