Australian Shepherd Potty Training

Without any exaggeration it can be said that Australian Shepherds are so much competent and talented dogs which can perform different types of jobs with success and accuracy. The well built musculature and magnificent courage have added extra glow and charisma to their character. They are inborn brave dogs with iron determination and tremendous guessing capability. Once they learn the whole training program there will be no need to watch them. They will perform the masters' commands in toto. However without proper training and guidance they can be violent and undisciplined. It is the fact that Shepherds should be given potty training as well. The most convenient time for giving them potty training when they are young. There are certain guidelines one should keep to give the proper potty training to them.

It is seen that after reaching maturity it is very difficult to nurture the habits in the mind of Shepherds for potty training. There are some methods in the matter of inspiring them to eliminate faeces outside the house. In the early morning one can take pet dog from the crate and force Shepherd puppy to go outside for elimination. Puppies should be taken outside to eliminate faeces after breakfast, after lunch break, after dinner, before bedtime etc. Dogs should be taught to pee and poop outside in the specific place. Without proper potty training young Shepherds can soil the carpet or inside the crate. One can use some fears to attract them to eliminate faeces outside the crate and the house. They should be given hygienic fresh drinkable water particularly during summer season. However they should be well guided and trained to pee in the specific place on regular basis. The repetition is the key to let them to pee or poop outside the house. One thing must be committed to memory that direct monitoring during eliminating stuff will not be very helpful. One should watch indirectly so that dogs can feel relaxed to pee or poop with much comfort.

If puppy somehow pees on the mattress or carpet in the room one should clean without lambasting dogs. Any type of threat or warning can hamper the next potty training process. One should ignore the fact and he must try to inspire him to go outside to pee or poop. One should not drive pet dogs back into the room just after the elimination. Dogs will express satisfaction or will feel relaxed after elimination and they will be ready to go back. At that time one should take dogs back into the room.

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