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Athletes, Keep Your Body Warm to Help Avoid Injury

If you are an NBA fan, then I am sure you have seen the players that are sitting on the bench are all wearing warm up suits. I’m sure you have also seen players that get substituted out of the game often walk over to the bench and put on their warm up suits while they are waiting to get substituted back into the game. You may wonder why they are wearing warm up suits when they are sitting inside, and often sweating because they just came out of the game. The reason is actually quite simple; they are keeping their bodies warm so as to help them avoid getting injured. As you most likely already know, it is very important to stretch and warm up your body before beginning any strenuous athletic activity. The reasoning behind this is that your muscles will get warm and loosen up, making them more flexible and able to handle more stress. Muscles that are cold and tight have a much higher probability of getting strained or pulled, creating a painful injury that can take weeks to recover from. Therefore, this is the reason that you see professional NBA players (and most all other professional athletes)wearing warm up suits when they are not competing at that time.

Another important reason for athletes to keep their muscles warm is for their performance. Having cold and tight muscles doesn’t just increase your ability to get injured, but it also affects your ability to perform at your highest level. For instance, let’s say you are a starting point guard for your high school basketball team, and you play for 10 minutes before getting substituted out. Your body and muscles will obviously be very warm from playing, but while you sit on the bench, your body and muscles can cool down and tense up. So, when you get substituted back into the game, you will not have the same range of movement until your muscles have once again warmed up and loosened up, causing your performance to take a hit while you adjust back. This means that your shots will likely be a little short, and your passes a little softer.

So, whether you are an athlete, a coach, or just do regular exercise, make sure that you keep your body warm with warm up suits. They are a small investment to make to help ensure that you keep your body and muscles warm so as to avoid injury and maximize performance. Professional athletes have then best trainers in the country, and this is the advice they are given by their trainers. Make sure to take this advice and use it to your benefit.

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