Any Good Cat Could Behave Badly

Does your cat annoy you with his bad behavior? If I said that you are responsible for most of your cats' bad behaviors, will you believe me? Your cats' bad behavior does not prove that he is a bad cat and it proves he is badly trained.

Sometimes it can be someone else's fault too. If your pet had a hard time in the pet adaptation center or shelter, then he will be a much shy, scary cat which hides and panics even due to little things that upset him. But if you have a playing, enjoying energetic cat, well you should thank the owner for the great job he has done. It is a pet house owner's duty to make the place pleasant as possible and be friendly with animals even he has many animals to take care. But if you have a scary cat your love and sympathy will help a lot in changing him. Be a great support and encouragement to your pet. Gain his trust and slowly take him to the community.

Let's now talk about mistakes we do that cause us regret. For example if you forget to clean your cats litter box and left it dirty, he will avoid using it. Remember cats do much like to live cleanly as possible. If you left your cats' litter box dirty, he will find much cleaner place to do his job and you might not like it.

Cats are animals of habit. Any change of their habits which forces them to change their behavior, can stress them. This causes them to have bad. So do changes smoothly as possible and they will be much comfortable with it.

When you play with your kitten be careful not to use your hands. Always use a toy. Otherwise you will regret in near future when it has much stronger nails and teeth.

It must know your hand or feet are not things to play with. Let it know that you could get hurt by nails and it will stop doing it as it loves you. There are simple ways to stop these behaviors like shouting loudly and painfully as possible. "OUCH !!!" whenever it hurts you by scratching or biting

If your pets scratch your furniture, they do it because they do not know a reason not to do it. It can be avoided easily without hurting them. (Declawing is not needed either). Make a scratching post or buy one. Make your cat love it and hate furniture. You can make your cat hate furniture by applying a wood polish with a strong smell, or using a lemon scented air freshener on them. Put some balloons near the furniture that it scratches. Cats hate such strong smells. Apply catnip on the scratching post. Remember to put it in places where your cat loves to scratch. You can always find more tricks if you kept searching the internet.

Your cat does not mess around nor does bad deeds on purpose to hurt or upset you. They do it unknowingly. If those activities make you angry or stressed, change your attitude towards your cat. They are not humans but they really love you. It is our weakness that we can not have proper communication with them. Admit that they are so simple and they love you very much.

Source by Dilani Mallikarachchi

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