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Antivirus or Internet Security ?

Since Hackers became best friends with antivirus multinationals, they have been working hard on finding new solutions to increase the market.

Many new webinars have this fear of virus and the first application they ‘re downloading on internet is an Antivirus, as soon it’s on they feel so secure that they don’t pay any attention on what they ‘re surfing from then.

I should admit that from the 15 years I’m on the web, I’ve never bough any antivirus or internet security, and it has only cost me 2 computers, total cost 3000 $ to save 1000 $ antivirus over 15 years.

Well I don’t think I will still risk another computer and certainly not all my data!

While surfing to find the best protection, you may notice that providers are offering different types of protections.  Antivirus, firewall, antispyware, internet security, total protection … Norton goes now to 360 edition and talking about all in one protection.

Beware, as much it’s protecting, your pc can still be affect by the way you are surfing and understanding where you’re going. It doesn’t protect against stupidity!

I’ve seen many ads on TV talking about https, what does it mean? Only that your paiement is secure and keep your privacy, it doesn’t assure that you’re paying for the product you ‘ve been requesting, some webmaster are selling links to free trials ! That ‘s call Scam sites, and nothing is protecting you against it, so keep paying attention on the site you’ re on, the trademarks have to appears at the bottom fo the page, and for more security, go directly to the dot com domain of the provider.

Big search engine as Google are working with robots and they can’t detect those kinds of scam sites until someone human is telling them!

If you’re looking for an Intelligent search engine to download software, go to, every links are reviewed manually and all certified from officials resellers.

Back to my first purpose … so Antivirus or Internet Security?

The most popular download actually is the free antivirus edition from AVG/Grisoft, and that’s why I said ” Better be not protected than half protected” at least you’re taking care of what you’re are doing, and you don’t “think” you’re protected…

Free Editions and trials are offered from about every Antivirus Provider, don’t get full by this, it’s just to show you how it’s working and it’s just protecting a parcel of the risk. An Antivirus cast Maximum 40 $; an Internet Security is about 60 * maximum and just 20 $ difference worth it, and I personally would pay 80 $ for a Norton 360 all in one security.

What’s that next level of security?

Antivirus, Antispyware, Firewall, Registry Cleaner, Privacy controller, checking email and website you’re surfing on … we’re far ahead from the single antivirus figure.   Talking about prices and quality?

It’s like cars! You may like one that I hate and Vice versa. But think as well of the price of your computer, privacy and data …. to stupid to lose it for not paying 80 $ a year !   If you’re going for a free edition or free trial, don’t forget to upgrade

And a last reminder, as much those programs are promising security, they don’t protect against stupidity … or Mars Attack!

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