American Mastiff Puppies – Getting the Perfect One

If you found this article you're probably interested in buying a brand new American mastiff Puppy. Congratulations I know you'll be happy with this choice of breed, but if you want to find the perfect American mastiff you're going to need to find the perfect American mastiff breeder first. Here are a few tips.

Search online search engines for "American mastiff breeder" and take down the names and numbers of those that you find.

Go to local dog shows and find any American mastiff show dogs and approach there owners and ask about providing a breeder reference.

Go to the park; an off leash area where many dog ​​owners hang out and see if there is anyone walking there American mastiff. If so go approach them and ask for a breeder reference.

Now that you have several breeder leads, you going to screen out the best. This is done initial with a phone call. Now the scope of this article will not let me go into the specifics on what you would say on this call but you should know what you're looking for.

When you call the breeder you're looking for honesty, confidence, and someone that has a true passion for bringing the American mastiff. In fact I'm confident that you could call any breeder up and if they are a reputable breeder they would start asking you more questions about why you want an American mastiff in the first place.

Through the conversation you should get a general feel for what the breeder is like and if you can have a trusting relationship with them; on to the next phase, the visit.

Now that you have a few breeders you spoke too (it would be good to have two or three) and have setup a visit with them, here are a few important things to look out for upon the visit.

Are the dogs happy ?, Are the mastiffs well fed ?, Are they social ?, and do they have a good home with plenty of space to run around in.

You want to observe a positive environment and a positive happy dog ​​when you visit them. This is what truly reflects on the breeder as being someone who is passionate and loving towards her dogs and her bre choice.

Now, the fun part …
This is where you pick a puppy. Now keep in mind most of the time the breeder will not have puppies available to take home immediately. Most of you will need to wait a period of time for a litter to be born and raised by its mother for sixteen weeks.

I know, the waiting time can be a pain, but the reward is a quality and healthy mastiff puppy that will have less medical conditions and a long life with you and your family.

Have a good life with your new American mastiff puppy!

Source by Steve Blake

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