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A Natural Acne Treatment

There are many things that can be called a natural acne treatment. Some of them are herbs, some are home remedies and some are techno-gadgets. It all depends on how you want to define the term "natural". The usual rule of thumb for this definition is that a natural approach to acne treatment would involve the use of new chemicals.

Let's look at the acne products that are available in the herb family. People have used and continue to use things like tea tree oil, clove oil, and even garlic. There are those who swear if you eat garlic you will less acne problems within a week. Vinegar solutions and baking soda paste on the face have also joined the ranks of the natural cures.

Some people even say that crushed strawberries have healing power when applied topically. Aloe Vera plant products are widely used for their soothing and healing properties. Green tea solutions are used on the face and even tea bags from regular tea have been called upon from time to time. There is certainly no limit of attempts to find something safe and natural to treat acne.

People have used total colonic cleanings and fasting diets in order to cleanse their bodies because there have been reports that this too will help with acne. Using mineral waters to wash the face and using only pure soap without additives has been a way to try and cure acne. There will always be new ideas and new attempts and for some of the folks who try these things they will see some success.

There is even a new invention on the market and several manufacturers have them, which is a little hand held device. It can emit a little pulse of heat to the surface of the skin and this kills the bacteria and effectively cures the targeted pimple. The amount of heat is really small and safe. This too could arguably be called a natural acne cure.

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