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A Goldendoodle is as a Goldendoodle Does

A Goldendoodle is as a Goldendoodle does


A Goldendoodle is as a Goldendoodle does!  Sure…it’s a Forest Gump saying, but so what?  Goldendoodles are comical and inquisitive just ilke Forest!   The Goldendoodle is one of the most kindest dogs I know.   Every looking so happy,  one can not help but love them.   It is just more of the naysayers’ arrogance to call the Goldendoodle dog nothing but a designer mutt.  They are no such thing!

Goldendoodles are not hypoallergenic as so many people enjoy writing in articles and posting inside of forums or on their websites.   They are, however, low shedding and low dander dogs…but hypoallergenic?  Sorry,  no.   All dogs, regardless of breed,  will track in allergans so it impossible for any dog to actually be a hypoallergenic dog.   Americans tend to bristle at all the doodle hoopla,  but Europeans, my friend, have been mixing various breeds of dogs forever and a day.  To them,  it is no big deal.

 When the Goldendoodle first appeared on the market in the United States back in 1997,  there was a backlash of “doodle-hate” inside of dog forums.  People were outraged that the Goldendoodle was receiving so much attention.  Laugh at the Goldendoodle, if you will,  but pet stores have been laughing all the way to the bank since 2001 when they began scooping them up from commercial breeders, out to make a buck.

As a private, professional, hobby breeder,  the price we sell our Goldendoodles for doesn’t even cover our true expenses, much less pay me for the job required to create them, house them, care for them and keep them when they don’t sell.   A private breeder never recovers from their actual expenses and they surely do not live off of their dogs.  My pleasure of being a Goldendoodle breeder comes from watching the happy faces of children who come to our home to pick up their new family pet.  Their excitement; laughter; happiness makes my heart fill with joy.

When I began creating Goldendoodles, we were the only breeder in the entire southern region of the United States that had them.  This was in 1999.  It was exactly the way I wanted it to be and for several years,  we had the doodle market to ourselves.  Which was very nice.  But then the commercial breeders began to pop up out of nowhere and the Goldendoodle dog found its way to pet stores, being sold for thousands of dollars.  Literally.   Now there are backyard breeders selling them for a lowly fee of  $400 a pop and as a professional hobby breeder,  this sickens me.   These breeder don’t do any pedigree research on their breeding dogs.  They don’t know anything about the Goldendoodle dog other than what they “read” and for the most part,  90 percent of the hogwash found on the internet about the Goldendoodle dog comes from these sort of breeders.  They create a false sales pitch and you, the consumer, fall for it.

 There are literally multiple  variations in grooming when it comes to the Poodle and Goldendoodle.  All three breeds,  the Golden Retriever, Poodle and Goldendoodle  are elegant dogs.  Even though all three seem to be definite tomboys.    While most purebred Poodle  puppies will have their tails docked by day 2, the Goldendoodle dog’s tail is and should be left intact.  In the 13 years we’ve been a breeder,  we have only docked the tail of two Goldendoodles.  At the time, it was the first time we had created a curly coat doodle.  Not knowing what the tail would look like in appearance, we did dock the tail.  Now in hindsight,  I would not do this.  Even though the tail of a curly coat doodle dog is a bit on the skinny side and seems a bit awkward in appearance,  they look better with a long tail than a docked tail.

So what is the temperament of a Poodle?   There is a definite, noticeable temperament difference between a toy, miniature and standard poodle.  Because of this,  as a breeder of doodles for 13 years,  we now know there is a definite difference in temperament between the smooth coat, shaggy coat and curl coat.   The smooth coat and shaggy coat doodle have more of the Golden Retriever temperament,  while the curly coat has more of the Poodle temperament.

Hybrid dogs have popped up for years when it comes to Poodle mixes.   Examples include the Labradoodle (Labrador Retriever) and Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever).  We’ve seen the LhasaPoo; the Schnoodle;  The Yorkie-Poo; the Cockapoo; the Terri-Poo.  The list of Poo mixes is quite substantial.


 The Golden Retriever itself is an  amazing breed. They are Intelligent, happy go lucky, seemingly thoughtful dogs.  The nice combination of Poodle and Golden Retriever makes the Goldendoodle dog one of America’s most popular family pets  for children.  Both the Golden Retriever and the  Poodle are one of the most popular breeds of dogs,  worldwide. The Poodle and Golden Retriever  is commonly acknowledged to be the most wisely intelligent of all members of the canine race.  But this is only if their lineage is exceptional.  Researching the history of the dogs used for breeding and creating the Goldendoodle dog,  is extremely important from a breeder’s standpoint.  One of the problems found with the Poodle is that regardless of where the dog is purchased,  my research led me to discover that show breeders in the early 1930s were shipping semen all around the world.  They were attempting to achieve the ultimate show dog.  The most popular lines for Standard Poodles was Wycliffe,  Dassin, Eaton and Bel Tor.  All of these champion show lines run through our Goldendoodles’ bloodlines.  A breeder will definitely benefit greatly by researching the history of their breeding dogs.  Since 1999,  our doodle dogs remain to be envied.  They are celebrities in their own right.  If people go for price alone,  perhaps they prefer the dumbest and worst over the brightest and best.  After all, bloodlines are important.  You can’t get a quality dog out of “dumb” genes.   Fans of Goldendoodle World will agree that our dogs are exactly as they should be!  Our Goldendoodle dogs  are some of the most beautiful, brightest, best family pets anyone could ever ask for and this fact further feeds the contempt machine from the naysayers.

If you are looking for a dog to do just about anything, a Goldendoodle  might just  be right for you. But always keep in mind – “A Goldendoodle is as a Goldendoodle does”.

The Poodle is a very attractive dog.    They literally come in all  different sizes, which is why when we as breeders create the Goldendoodle dog, we literally see doodle dogs come in all sizes regardless of the size of the parent dogs.    The general appearance of the Poodle is that it’s body length generally exceeds  their  height at the withers.  Poodles generally have nice long, thin legs.  Hence,  nine times out of ten,  we see the Goldendoodle have very similar legs.

Many people assume that the Poodle’s coat is very soft.  However, in reality, the Poodle has a thick, curly coat that matts easily.   The Goldendoodle hairs are fine, fluffy and the root of the hair strands is always white unless the dog is black.   Many curly coat doodle dogs have ingrown ear hairs because this occurs with most Poodles.  I’ve noticed, however, that the shaggy coat doodle doesn’t seem to have hairs that grow from within the ear.  They have fewer ear issues than the curly coat.   The smooth coat doodle definitely never has hair growing from within the ear.  Of all three coat types,  the smooth coat Goldendoodle has the fewest ear issues.

About the author:  Dee Gerrish has been writing about the Goldendoodle since 1999.  She is one of the original founders for the doodle dog in the entire southern region of the United States.  More photos, information can be found on her website at   

*Special thanks to our Goldendoodle customers for sharing photos/images of Goldendoodles purchased from our Goldendoodle World.*

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