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A Collectible Wrist Watch Collection: Enjoy your Hobby!

Some people would say that time is very important; they give it a 7 out of 10 on the scale of importance. Others would say it doesn’t really matter how we use our time and still others consider time to be a sacred commodity.

What is time anyways?

Time is an essence that we can never quite hold onto. Perhaps that is the attraction of gathering a collectible wrist watch collection; they are symbols of our long-bearded friend–or foe– Father Time and they allow us the opportunity to hope that someday we might wear time………on our wrist.

Why a collectible wrist watch collection?
Collecting a collectible wrist watch collection isn’t always about subconscious motivations however. Collectors have their conscious motivations as well. Some enthusiasts begin collecting—like many of us—because their collections represent an interest. Their interest in this case would obviously be in watches. A reason for expanding a collectible wrist watch collection might include a desire or need for variety. After all, variety according to a study done by the Food and Brand lab at the University of Illinois “found that customers value variety of assortment almost as much as location and price when giving reasons why they patronize their favorite stores.”1

The Food and Brand lab article also stated that “…those sale bins with all the items jumbled together do not make customers think of variety. The study found that customers like to see what they’re being offered; they want an organized display with a lot of variety.” So, it goes to show that people are more attracted by variety or at least the appearance of variety.

So, as you begin–or continue—the development of a collectible wrist watch collection, read the following for new ideas on great ways you can expand and add variety to your a collectible wrist watch collection:

A Part of Your Collectible Wrist Watch Collection: Marketing Tools
If you don’t mind wearing your a collectible wrist watch collection, then they can actually prove to be a marketing tool. Whether you are a lawyer, a medical professional, a writer etc. you can attract attention—and perhaps additional clients or patients–to your chosen and recommended professional services.

Look for watch items that are unique and will catch the eye in a professional fashion. If you can’t find your profession at a local wrist watch shop then look for a a collectible wrist watch collection maker who will actually customize your watch for you. If you are feeling very generous then you could give a variety of watches to clients or even employees.

A Part of Your Collectible Wrist Watch Collection: Representations of Your Hobbies
There is probably one hobby that says a lot about what type of person you are. If you see a person wearing a wrist watch with a golf, ocean or dance motif you might be more or less willing to incend a conversation. You might also be surprised to learn that some watch retailers and or makers could probably find a way to customize the watch that will fit your hobby standards.

A Part of Your Collectible Wrist Watch Collection: Customized Pictures or Photos
These watches are great! You can literally create and collect photos of your dearest loved ones while you collect a collectible wrist watch collection at the same time. Simply look online for a company that will customized your a collectible wrist watch collection with your family’s photos.

A Part of Your Collectible Wrist Watch Collection: A Reminder of the Greatest Human Companions
Pets in the United States today are popular. Why not add to your collectible watch collection a series of “pet watches.” Whether you’ve got dogs, cats or exotic birds of paradise, look online for watches that will remind you of your pets.


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