A Brief History of Atlas Model Trains

Atlas model trains started out as Atlas Tool Company, which was founded by Stephen Schaffan Sr. in 1924. The owner of the company did what any other small business owner of the day would do and asked his teenage son to work in the family store. Stephan Schaffan Junior had a different passion in life. He enjoyed making model airplanes and as such, spent a lot of time at the local hobby shop. In order to try to make some extra cash, the young man continuously asked for something to do in the shop. His hope was to be able to work with the materials he enjoyed the most and make money in the process.

What Steve Junior did not know was was being becoming a major annoyance to the shop owner. In an attempt to pacify the child, the hobby shop owner cave has some track to play with. He told Steve Jr. that he should see what he could do to improve the track. As Steve set to making a better track, the shop owner simply enjoyed the peace and quiet he was getting. What happened was the birth of the switch kit. This was a revolutionary invention in the world of model trains because up until that time, everything for model trains was built by hand.

Seeing an opportunity to make some real money, Steve Junior employed the help of Steve Senior and the rest of the family. From the foundation of their home, the entire family worked through the night in order to create the invention, which had become so popular. They were providing one of the most revolutionaryventions in the history of model trains while still going about their daily lives, but out of the secondary income grew the company which would build the Atlas model trains you have come to know today.

Steve Jr. did not rest after creating this invention. Instead, he went on to invent the first rail joiner which could be used by everyone. He also is responsible for creating pre-assembled turn outs and flexible track. The stapling of rail to fiber track was another invention he can take credit for. It was not until much later that the company started producing the Atlas model trains you see sold in most hobby shops today. Once the company did start selling trains to go along with track and layout material, they were well received.

The Atlas model trains have been given the same care and attention the line of products is known for having. The plant that produces the products is in the same New Jersey warehouse it has been in since 1947. Once the company incorporated in 1949, it was well received by the stock market and remains one of the most recognized train companies for those who are serious about model railroading.

No matter what your skill level is, you are sure to enjoy what Atlas model trains have to offer. Not only will you enjoy the selection of trains they have, you will also enjoy the different layout elements and tracks they have to offer. With an eye for detail, the products offered are sure to satisfy even the most demanding consumer.

Source by David Blackburn

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