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5 Ways To Protect Your Computer From Viruses And Other Harms

Computer viruses are rampant in the world today and it’s important to know about them before they wreak havoc on your computer. Computer security is something that you have to take seriously for the life of your computer. In this article, we will take a look at some tips that you can use to secure your computer and keep it safe at all times. Here’s tip number 1.

1) Make backups

Always make backups of your computer files. You never know when your system will go down or when you need to find old copies of files on a particular day. You can make backups to a flash drive or even CD-ROMs and use these as your storage devices. Backing up your computer system is pivotal, and is something that you should start doing today.

2) Update your computer

Microsoft has a website where you can go to get updates for your computer system. It’s best to find out if there are any new updates each month to stay on top of things. If you’re someone who uses Microsoft Office alot also, you will want to find patches and updates for your office programs also. Staying protected in this way will protect you from the latest virus and hacker programs out there. Be sure to do this right away so that you can stay on top of things.

3) Get a firewall

You can install a firewall on your computer system in either a hardware form or a software form. Microsoft Windows XP already comes with a pre-built in firewall that you can use to protect your computer. When you don’t have a good firewall setup, all kinds of worms and trojan horses can attack your computer via the internet. To prevent this from happening, you will want to have a good firewall setup and installed.

4) Check your browser settings

Never install active-x and javascript unless you absolutely have to. If it is apart of a work or employment function, then it is probably safe to do so. But if you’re just browsing online and a website wants to install active-x on your computer – don’t do it. This is what the hackers use to put bad programs onto your computer.

If you’re using Internet Explorer as your web browser, you will want to put your security setting to High and your trusted sites zone to Medium Low. This will keep you protected from the harms online.

5) Use antivirus software

Companies such as Symantec and McAfee have good antivirus software but you should know that there are alot of other players in the game. There’s a free program called Malwarebytes that checks for harmful programs on your computer. The free version does a good job of protecting you and the paid version works to stop viruses and harmful programs before they even get to your computer. You should consider the use of these programs if you want to keep your computer safe.

All 5 of these tips for keeping your computer safe are excellent uses for computer security.

Be sure to start using them today so that you can secure your computer now.

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