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5 Ways to Bond With Your Puppy

When you bring a new puppy home, it is important to bond with it and make it feel like one of the family. Puppies are not hard to bond with, so the process should be fairly easy. One thing you should know is that consistency is key. Your relationship with your new puppy should be based on a few simple things that you do with your dog on a daily basis.

Easy ways to bond with your puppy:

1. Meal time and bath time should be special. Meal time will be one of your dog’s favorite times of the day, so take part in enjoying it as well. Let your puppy know that you are happy to be feeding him, and give him lots of praise when he finishes all of his food. Bath time is no exception. Some dogs don’t enjoy bath time; however, you can make it easier on them by keeping them calm. Take your time with the bath process, and commend your puppy for being so well-behaved. Use nice warm water and massage your puppy as well. Be sure to get him good and dry so he doesn’t get a chill afterwards.

2. Take your puppy on a daily walk. Daily walks are important for dogs of all ages. What most people don’t realize is that a dog needs daily exercise to release its energy. Your dog will be much better-behaved if you take him on a daily walk. Suggested walk time is 30-45 minutes. This will keep him calmer through the rest of the day. Your puppy will learn to enjoy this time with his owner, and it is good exercise for the both of you!

3. Groom your new puppy. This does not have to be a daily occurrence; however, it is another thing you can do to take time to bond with your puppy. Not only are you helping to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy, you are showing your dog affection, which he enjoys. Your dog will learn to look forward to this special time with his owner.

4. Speak plainly and calmly to your puppy. Showing your puppy calm and assertive behavior will help with his own behavior. Even when you scold your dog, staying calm will help your dog to notice its behavior and snap out of it more quickly. Don’t talk excited and jumpy to your puppy because that energy will get put into him, which will make his behavior just as excited as your voice. This may cause your dog to be anxious and hyper and eventually uncontrollable. Speaking calm and plain will better his behavior and your relationship with him.

5. Take your pup on a car ride. Again, this does not have to be a daily occurrence, but your dog will most likely enjoy this time very much. Most dogs like to go on car trips and stick their head out the window. You can make this a special treat for your puppy when he has done well.

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