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5 Reasons a Ferret is Better Than a Cat

Perhaps one of the life long questions there is regarding pets is which one is a much better companion, the ferret or the cat? There are actually so many things to consider about this topic, but here are five reasons that make ferrets much better pets than cats.

1. Cats tend to be independent and fairly quiet, at times even restricting themselves from interacting with people. However, ferrets are energetic and lively. They certainly like to play and can even make your day much happier and fulfilled. It is in the nature of ferrets to not be afraid of human beings, making them capable of interaction and play. So if you want to have a pet that you can always play around with, then ferrets are the right choice for you.

2. Although cats may be quiet animals, they require to be fed at regular times. And as such a habit of feeding them is being made, they become much more dependent and territorial with their food. You may notice this after quite some time of owning a cat that he may approach you whenever he wants to be fed. Although it may be alright during the first times, it can certainly be annoying afterwards. On the other hand, ferrets, even though they may have a special diet, only eat what they can. This means that they do not eat as much food like other pets do. Since they are rather small animals, they only eat food in small quantities, this making it an advantage for you.

3. Ferrets are great pets even with people who have allergies. The fact that ferrets do not shed hair means that their presence in your house is totally safe for anyone who has allergies to pets. In addition, since ferrets do not shed hair, it also means that it demands you less vacancies of vacuuming your home. It is definitely opposite with cats that shed a lot of hair and can even create hairballs during the process. It may even cause a lot of trouble for you if anyone in your house has allergies to them. Also, their shedding requires you to vacuum more often to clean up their hair.

4. Ferrets are better hunters than cats, there is simply no argument on that. An added advantage of having ferrets at home is that they have the natural ability to chase down pests inside your house. This means that if your house may be infected with pests such as rodents, you are sure that your ferret will certainly be of great help in hunting them down. Although cats have been renamed as mouse haters, it does not need to make them good predators. It is true that you have more chances of catching a prey with a ferret rather than a cat.

5. Unlike cats that do not want to be caged, ferrets can absolutely be kept in cages. This makes it easier for you to prevent any accidents and destruction that may happen if you are away. In addition, since you can keep your ferrets in their cages, it lessens the litter that they may scatter around the house. It will give you a lesser responsibility of cleaning up the mess afterwards.

These are simply five good reasons that ferrets make good pets than cats. However, in the end, the choice is still yours to make. So, before finally deciding which ones you like better, first weigh the pros and cons of having a ferret or a cat at home.

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