3 Steps for Keeping Finches As Pets

There are many different varieties of finches as pets but the common ones are the Society finches and the zebra finches. They remain favorites due to the fact that they are easier to care for and more flexible when compared to other varieties of finches which are more exotic like the Gouldian finches. Keeping Finches as pets are great for bird lovers who would like to keep a charming and magnificent looking bird. Their cheerful singing especially during the mating season is delightful. These birds generally have a cheerful disposition in life.

Color variations for finches as pets

It would depend on the breed and if they are male or female. For example, for zebra finches the males would have a bright red beak, chestnut flanks and black stripes on the chest. There would be slight differences and some of them can be solid whit to gray or have a pencil-line. Some of them have mutations as well as more color. The males are generally more colorful while the females would tend to have lesser variations so that they can easily blend it with the environment.

How do you select finches as pets?

You do not just decide to go inside a pet store and select the finches depending on the color. You would have to check if the bird is healthy. First look for signs of activeness and alertness. Recognize a healthy one by the way they sit, they should sit up tall on the perch with their tight feathering. Some of the birds will have fallen feathers but this is normal and not a sign of illness. If you are going to get a pair make sure that they are compatible at ease with each other without signs of attacking.

How to select a good and quality cage for keeping finches as pets?

If you only have one or two pairs then you can use the cage, the cage must not be made of brass and must be wide enough to have flying space. It must be located safely where it can not be reached by too much sunlight in order to avoid over heat. It should also be away from too much cold. It must be of the perfect temperature in order for the finches to survive. If you have 3 or more pairs, then you would have to consider creating an aviary in your backyard. Keeping finches as pets you need to have a lot of flying space for their exercise and to prevent stress due to territorial concerns.

The bigger the cage, the better. Make sure that the design that you will make will be enough for all of them as well as for the coming youngger birds. If you do not intend to let them multiply and just keep finches as pets, then you must not keep sets of males and females, you can try to place all females and males. For this to work, they must still have other birds to interact with even if they will not need unnecessarily multiply.

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