2 Options for Chicken Runs and Coops

In this article of chicken runs and coops I would like to cover different styles of chicken runs and coops. Most chicken ranchers think of the basic chicken coop for their chickens housing. I would like to cover some creative and fun options for your chicken runs and coops.

Option # 1 – Log Cabin

The particular design of a log cabin can be built for your chickens with a little extra TLC (tender loving care). The construction is a standard and very basic chicken runs and coops frame with some fascia upgrading. You still begin with a basic housing structure and the chicken run fencing attached to the side for your chickens to exercise, scratch, hunt and peck for natural proteins.

Visit your local lumber yard and ask them to split in half some 4″ diameter posts. They usually come in 8ft lengths. You will attach the flat side against the ply wood siding walls. Starting at the bottom and stacking on top of the other notching at each end to give it the stack look of a traditional log cabin. The windows and doors are also made of ply wood and faced with the half logs. Add the hinges on the windows and doors for the extra protection from predators.

Option # 2 – Barn Design

If you are familiar with the look of a barn this design is a natural for the farm look. The construction of the barn chicken runs and coop will be of typical framing lumber in various dimensions to fit your specification needs. The walls will be constructed of:

1.      2″x4 “x 8ft. lumber.

2.      4ft. x 8ft. X 1/2″ exterior grade ply wood.

3.      The exterior walls of the framed coop will be sheeted with 1″ x 6″ x 8ft. lumber

The run will be framed to resemble a corral fence with:

1.      1″ x 3″ x 8ft lumber

2.      Roll of chicken wire

3.      Bag of tacks or nails

The windows and doors can be made to resemble a traditional barn look. Be creative and pay attention to detail with this design. The design is simple but you can really make it look like a full sized barn. The area will look like a horse corral with the fence framing. Add the chicken wire around the chicken run and door. The extra time you put into this design will be worth every minute. I would recommend adding some roosting poles in the run and inside your barn along with nesting boxes. You might even want to give it the watering troth look if you’re going all out. Have fun with your chicken runs and coops barn design your chickens will love it.

Building Time

If you are going to take on one or both of these designs they can be found on the internet by searching the key word phrase: chicken coop plans site and hit search. Most of the plans you will find will take you about a weekend to build if you are familiar with basic carpentry. If this is your first time handling tools and lumber it might take you a couple of weekends. It isn’t brain surgery just take your time and have fun building your chicken runs and coop project.

Source by Hank Dodson

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