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10 Simple Steps to Potty Train Your Puppy

These are just ten simple ways that many people have found improve and simplify their puppy’s potty training experience.

1.) Make sure you stay optimistic while undergoing the potty training process. If your not willing to teach, your puppy won’t be willing to learn.

2.) Start potty training as soon as possible, the longer you procrastinate, the more bad habits your puppy will make.

3.) Confine your puppy in a workable area. An single room with an easy to clean floor is easier to train in than an entire house with numerous hiding places.

4.) Make sure to walk your puppy on a regular schedule. A good example is: early in the morning, shortly after meals, and before bed.

5.) Let your puppy know when it does the right thing. When it eliminates where it’s supposed, reward it with something it likes and recognizes. (for most puppies, play time is an excellent reward)

6.) Make sure to promptly and thoroughly clean up after your puppy (this includes scrubbing and deodorizing). Otherwise he will eliminate there again.

7.) Feed and play with your puppy where he previously eliminated. Animals don’t like to eliminate where they eat and play, so this will help prevent future accidents.

8.) Minimize the puppy’s water and food intake before sleeping. Just like a child, it’s more common for a puppy to have an accident when it has a full bladder.

9.) Keep your training methods constant. Changes in strategy will confuse your puppy and it will take longer to house break him.

10.) Keep and eye on your puppy. If you find he’s having too many accidents, it probably means you are leaving him unattended for too long at a time or you’re not giving it enough attention.

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